GigpiG Launches a Platform To Promote Artists & Their Music


In a world where music is very much a social discovery by millennials, there are quite few websites and apps that help listeners find and discover artists and music. The main problem is that most of these do not actively promote new and up-coming artists.

GigpiG Launches a New Website To Promote Artists & Their Music.

‘There is no shortage of great new bands or music’. In fact, they are so many artists with songs that should already be on the radio, but they just aren’t given the opportunity. I can immediately think of 5 songs that should be on the current active rock charts, as they are superior to many of the songs already being played’says Alisa Federici, Artist PR for GigpiG.

Alisa went on to mention that the main problem with the industry now is the lack of resources that actually help an artist grow and reach new levels and plateaus. Yes, there are great resources like: Bands in Town, CD Baby, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud (just to name a few) which do have some have some great tools for helping artists grow and reach more of an audience. But what most artists/musicians don’t realize, is that these sites/apps are dependent on them (the artists/musicians) to help spread the word and grow their customer base (of both artists/musicians and fans/listeners). Is that a bad thing? No, not at all. In fact, she suggests that any artist/musician immediately start using any or all of those sites/apps to improve their overall reach and performance. That question you have to ask is, I am on these sites, but what are they actually doing to promote me or my songs?

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How Most Artist/Music Sites Work

Here are the basics………..

Most Artist/Music Websites/Apps rely on artists to populate their sites, share the information, page, or songs they have created to their existing fans in hopes that those same fans will use their site to discover other artists. Some of them also do paid advertising to attract new customers (again….mainly musicians) which also helps them grow. Other than that, it is a craps shoot! Wait and hope new listeners run across your profile or music and happen to like it.

‘Again, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying not to use these sites and I am in no way implying that GigpiG is magically going to make you a superstar. We just do things much differently’, says Alisa Federici, Artist PR for GigpiG.

What Makes GigpiG Different

GigpiG is a Media Website to showcase Artists/Musicians and their Events, Merchandise, Podcasts, Songs, and Videos to both Fans and Professionals in the industry.

‘That doesn’t make us much different than other sites, we just offer it in a well displayed format for both computers and mobile views’, says Alisa.

What makes GigpiG different is what they do behind the scenes and online.

‘We actively market and promote our Artists and their media to potential Fans as well as Professionals including: a&r reps, blog writers, booking agents (including fairs and festivals), pr agencies, radio (college, fm, online, and xm), talent managers, as well as seeking out opportunities such as submissions for movie & tv soundtracks as well as tour support for up-coming and national bands. Not too many other sites offer anything close to what we have going on’, says Alisa Federici, Artist PR for GigpiG.

What’s better is that Artists/Musicians can get started with a free page that still includes some marketing and promotion without every paying a dime! There are paid options and services available that can definitely boost your  results, but it is not required to get started.

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