God is about to bring us out of our “Own Egypt”


13007360_1755915147962075_1751185613190411840_nSoon I will die,”Joseph told his brothers,” but “God” will surely come for you, to “Lead” you out of “this land of Egypt”. “HE WILL” bring you “back” to the land “He Vowed” to give to the descendants of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob”.
Genesis 50:24

If this is for you: Get Ready, “God” is about to bring us out of our “Own Egypt”.

What is it? That is your “Egypt” Relationship, Job, Addiction, debt, and health? Get Ready cause he “Promised” to give us the land “He Vowed” for us. No more 40yrs of “Slavery” that has us trapped and in “Bondage”. We are coming out. “GET READY”.

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