Google app to help in Health Checkups


Recently it has been reported that an application has been launched with the help of Google that will be helping the doctors of London in order to make sure of the fact that they can supervise over all their patients no matter where they are or what time it is. This is the revolutionary application that will help one and all in order to remain connected all the time and that in turn will help the doctors to be at your beck and call as well.

The data for the application were taken from the most magnanimous hospitals of London and that is the reason why this app has been created in a flawless manner. This app has about 1.6million records with them and that is the reason why the patients can get a more number of people at a go. This means the fact that now if the patients are having a sudden deterioration then the doctors could get immediate update about the same and this way a lot of lives would be saved as well. The chief clinical information officer has claimed on the fact that the vital information that would take hours to reach the doctor could now reach him within seconds and thus the treatment procedure could be a lot fast paced in this manner.

Though this application is now applicable to the major parts of London, yet it is being said that amendments will be done in order to ensure the fact that this reaches not only the whole of London, but eventually the whole of the world as well. This live saving application can exchange information in a jiffy and that is the reason why it is getting so many appreciations.

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After the app has been launched, the patients will also be able to see how their data have been used and how it will help them to get cured easily as well. Not only that, it can also be said that more number of records are being gathered so that more and more patients can be benefitted by the same.

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