Google wants to give minivans a new dimension


Beforehand, Google had declared the decision to go for the type of plan that was going to drive by itself without a driver- and the declaration has thrilled many- but now it has been reported that the former plan has been scraped off and now Google wants to improvise on the minivan in a manner that it becomes the new definition of cool. Just a few days ago Google has made this sort of declaration but this should not make the readers any less than thrilled because of the amazing features that it is going to put in the van.

It has been decided that Google will have a partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in order to innovate the minivans so that they become very cool when it comes to designing the vans. Now it has been decided that the automobile division known as the Waymo, will be adding hundreds of the self driving minivans to the world of automobiles and that is an aspect which is thrilling enough.

According to a post that was published earlier this week, it has been said that the team has been in collaboration with the Chrysler since the month of May in order to compete to the cutting edge technology of the driving mechanism and also a lot of sensors as well. This will make sure of the fact that when the technology is imposed on the minivan, then they will run in a very smooth manner. That is the reason why these minivans will also have better sweeping chambers, the power train, chassis and a lot more. This is sure to take the minivans to the next level and the definition of technology becomes something else.

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It has also been published that it might be a very expensive process but also a lot of amends are being made in order to make sure of the fact that the expenses can be lowered a bit as well. These minivans are going to be on roads on some part of 2017 and it is going to be a new experience as well.

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