Growing incidence of cancer, brain tumour, and Parkinson ’s disease in India are driving the global gamma knives market


Gamma Knives are widely used to treat brain metastasis, pituitary tumours, epilepsy, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. These diseases are becoming prevalent in the Asia Pacific region, and a huge population in India is affected by some or all of these medical conditions. There is a large population of senior citizens in India who are susceptible to Parkinson’s disease and several other acute illnesses. Also in India, cancer has become a pandemic with a growing number of deaths in the country attributed to this severe ailment. Surveys reveal that cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in this part of South-East Asia. Experts believe that cases of cancer will skyrocket by the end of 2025 in India. Feeble healthcare infrastructure and costly treatment procedures are promoting the rise of cancerous diseases in India.

India as a nation is fighting with a rising number of epilepsy cases as well. Medicines used in the treatment of epilepsy are scarce and research indicates that soon the country will have a large patient pool affected by epilepsy. Indian children are largely affected by paediatric malignant primary brain tumour. In India a large number of people have been diagnosed with brain tumour in the last few years. Brain tumour is the second most common type of cancer found in children in India. Radiation therapy and gamma ray therapy is extensively used by advanced medical facilities to treat this ailment.

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The government of India is rolling out new plans to revamp the present healthcare skeleton of the country. The use of gamma knives in the treatment of life-threatening diseases is slowly but surely gaining acceptance in the country. With new innovations and advancements in medical technology, healthcare facilities in India will soon reach the same levels of performance and quality as the medical facilities available in the western world.

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