Gunner’s Alley Announces 14 New Holster Models for the Kimber Micro 9


CARY, NC – January 26, 2017 – Gunner’s Alley LLC is pleased to announce that they are now offering 14 gun holster models for the new Kimber Micro 9 in 9mm.

Available holster selections include popular styles such as outside the waistband models (OWB), inside the waistband models (IWB), ankle holsters, and paddle holsters. All holster models are manufactured from premium quality bullhide, and are built specifically for the Kimber Micro 9 pistol series.

“Based on the success of the Kimber Micro 380 series, it was safe to assume that the Kimber Micro 9 would be an excellent seller as well.” said Andy McKiney, Gunner’s Alley Marketing Director. “While the Micro 9 is similar in size and function to some other pistol models on the market such as the Sig P938, the Micro 9 requires its own unique holster and doesn’t really cross fit over into holsters made for similarly sized pistol models. In addition to holsters specifically for the base Micro 9, we can also offer holsters for the Kimber Micro Crimson Carry model, which is a Micro 9 equipped with a Crimson Trace laser grip.” For more information on these holster models to fit the Kimber Micro 9, visit: Kimber Micro 9 Holsters.

About Gunner’s Alley LLC.

Gunner’s Alley is a leading provider of high quality gun holsters for both mainstream handgun and those hard to find models. Gunner’s Alley is headquartered in NC and supports customers all across the United States. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @GunnersAlley and Facebook at


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