Here’s What A White Lion And White Tiger’s Babies Look Like (Photos)


white liger cubs

When it was announced that a white lion and a white tiger, both incredibly rare on their own, were giving birth to a litter of kittens, the world paid attention. Not many people even believed the two large felines were even capable of breeding together, but the result is stunning.

The pair, brought together at South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach Safari, gave birth to four “liger” cubs, who are now some of the rarest animals in the world. 

There are only 300 white lions in the world and 1,200 white tigers. Now, there are just four white “ligers” in existence. There are roughly 1,000 ligers in the world, according to Daily Mail, however none of the others are white.

The four liger cubs, named Odlin, Samson, Yeti, and Apollo, have gorgeous white fur with tiger stripes and spots on their heads.

While the cubs are small and adorable now, they will eventually grow up to be some of the largest felines in the animal kingdom.

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