How Many Cows Can You Have Per Acre – Starting A Cattle Farm As An Investment


The raising of cattle for profit has got the attention of a lot of farmers. The number of people looking to get into profitable cattle farming just keeps growing. The cattle farming industry is considered to be a multi-billion dollar industry, giving it all the rights to tempt investors to invest their money in cattle farming.

But how do you actually start cattle farming?

When starting out on raising cattle, the first thing to do is to make your budget, decide on the amount you are willing to invest on this new business venture. Get information about the cattle industry, cattle marketing and livestock operations among others.

The next step is to acquire the land that you want to raise your livestock on. The size of the farm yard will depend on the number of livestock you want to raise. 1.8 acres per cow is ideal, meaning 11 cows on 20 acres. You also have to decide on the breed you want to raise.

As a beginner livestock farmer you have to get down and dirty yourself because operating a cattle farm can be tedious. You have to deal with feeding your folk, checking their health and cleaning the farm. If the work is a lot for you to deal with you can always get a helper, but make sure that person has experience in managing cattle.

Once you get all this going then there’s no stopping you from raising your own profitable cattle. So take action today and be on your way to a steady production of beef and milk, not forgetting passive income.

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There’s a lot more involved in raising cattle as an investment. A good start is to get your own livestock, but before you do that get the complete guide on raising cattle to avoid costly mistakes.

On the other hand if you are serious about livestock farming and want to raise various types of livestock such as goats, sheep, turkeys, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and horses then get yourself a copy of the one and only guide to livestock farming here:

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