How The Beekeeping Suit Helps Beekeepers


When engaging in hobby such as Beekeeping, it is critical that you understand that there are some real risks involved. Although beekeepers have a very good understanding of bee anatomy, habits and behavior, most beekeepers wear a protective beekeeping suit. Some people, without being aware of it, may find themselves having allergic reactions to bee stings. Unfortunately the only way for a person to find out whether they are allergic to bee stings, is to get stung for the first time.

If you are contemplating beekeeping as a hobby or profession, it would be a good idea to find out if you are allergic to bee stings. It is inevitable that sooner or latter you will get stung, even the most experienced beekeepers still can be stung. Many beekeepers consider that the more they are stung, the more you build up a tolerance to the stings.

They also believe that it is important for a beekeeper to get stung during the course of the seasons. The more a beekeeper is stung, the more they develop higher levels of antibodies against the reaction of bee venom, this offers them resistance to bee stings in the future. However, even very experienced beekeepers minimize the amount of exposure to bee stings by wearing a beekeeping suit, gloves, hat and veil.

Some experienced beekeepers choose not to wear gloves as they can sometimes hinder performance with some of the more delicate tasks working with bees. Besides, a sting received on a bare hand can easily be removed quickly and easily by using a fingernail to scrape the sting off. It is still important to get the sting out because it will still be injecting venom into the wound.

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The most vulnerable part of a person is the face and neck, therefore apart from wearing a beekeeping suit, it would pay to cover up the face and neck as the breath of a person can attract bees. The face, as well as the neck, is one of the more sensitive areas of the body, and the pain in these areas are more intense than any other body part if stung by a bee. Also, it’s more difficult to remove a bee sting from the face without the aid of a mirror.

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