How to bill CPT 99324, 99334 – 99337


Home Care and Domiciliary Care Visit

Billing Guide for Home Care and Domiciliary Care Visits.  Physician sometimes visit to patient residing in various place of service and not sure what CPT code and POS exactly use it.

Here you could see the guideline for billing CPT CODE 99324, 99334 AND 99337 for new patient as well as established patients, also which POS has to use different conditions.

Physicians and qualified non physician practitioners (NPPs) furnishing E/M services to residents in a living arrangement described by one of the POS listed above must use the level of service code in the CPT code range 99324 – 99337 to report the service they provide.

Payment would be decided based on correct POS and CPT usage hence use it correctly.

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