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Moley Talks is a Social Bookmarking website where users can register for a free account in order to submit links of informative articles and videos to the site.

This is a fabulous way for people to generate links for their products and services, however, they must observe the terms of use of the website in doing so.,

Why Social Bookmark?:

  • To enable you and other users to gain invaluable information on a broad range of topics, free resources, products and services.
  • To continue to ‘brand’ your business on the internet stratasphere.
  • To ‘give back’ and in doing so to ‘receive”quality information that can assist your endeavours.
  • To generate quality backlinks to your own websites and squeeze pages.
  • To interact with other users in a safe environment.

Social Bookmarking is also known to increase SEO (search engine optimisation) activities for your website.  Whilst this is not the main aim of Moley Talks, it certainly is an added benefit.

There are some things you need to know and understand about social bookmarking:

  • Social Bookmarking  is an avenue to post useful information for others users to review.
  • Social Bookmarking works best when users observe the 5:2:1 ratio.  What is the 5:2:1 ratio?  Submit 5 quality informative links to 2 links to brand your business to 1 link promoting a product or service.
  • People don’t want to be ‘sold to’ all the time.  People want to access quality information, more likely for free, and be able to make an informed opinion or decision.
  • Hence why Moley Talks uses the 5:2:1 ratio.  Moley Talks is about providing users a quality experience rather than users constantly being sold to all the time.
  • Too many people spam the hell out of people either via forums, websites, or emails.  Moley Talks seeks to be different from the norm.  Hence, why users must agree to strictly adhering to the 5:2:1 ratio when submitting links.
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We encourage you to visit Moley Talks and make up your own mind.  Moley Talks is free to all and we hope you will visit, submit a link or two and access the quality information provided by other users for free.  We encourage you to give back to the online community.  As Moley Talks core belief is:  in giving back one receives so much more.

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