How to get Paid for Watching TV


Have you ever wanted to sit back, relax and watch TV and then wished that you could be paid for doing so?  Well now you CAN!!!

THW Global Advertising is prepared to pay you – yes you – as an international viewer up to $25 per hour for a maximum of 10 hours per week.  What programmes can you watch?

  • Pilot TV programmes
  • Commercials
  • Movie Trailers
  • Video Surveys and the list can go on.

Is there any criteria for me to join?

Yes, you must be aged 18+ and have completed high school.  That’s it.  It doesn’t matter what country you reside in.  What language you speak.  As long as you are an adult and have completed high school you are able to register to participate.

The maximum hours per week is 10 hours.

Is this the real deal or is this simply another online scam or gimmick?

Unlike some online offers that expect you to pay to register THW Global Advertising are offering FREE registration.

  • No.  This is not a scam.  The only so called ‘catch’ if you want to call it this, is that at least 50,000 people from your country will also have to sign up for you to start earning the $$$.  Hence, if you want to undertake the free registration, you are encouraged to let your family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances know about this fabulous offer.
  • The operative 2 words are UP TO $25 p.w.  This is important to take into any deliberations you have when considering this free offer.
  • This programme is based on the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) model.  This means every person you refer becomes part of your downline up to 10 levels.  And THW Global Advertising are prepared to pay you $5 for every person you personally refer who earns up to $25 p.w. and pay you $1 for every person they refer to the system who also earn up to $25 p.w.  Hence, the more people you refer, the extra income you will earn, whilst you are earning your base rate of earning up to $25 for watching TV for a maximum of 10 hours p.w.
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Can I make an online business out of this programe?

To be very honest, if you are expecting to get rich quick – absolutely not.  If you wish to earn extra income, as long as you have undertaken your due diligence, including developing a financial budget of all associated costs, then the potential is definitely there to earn extra dollars.  I encourage you to prior to making a decision to sign up for the free registration to crunch thy numbers.  You must know your numbers to be able to ascertain whether this will be financially viable for you.  Aspects to include are:

  • Do you currently have the broadband data allowance which will enable you to watch 10 hours TV per week?  If so how much does this broadband plan cost you per month, per fortnightly, per week?
  • Do you need to upgrade your broadband data allowance to be able to watch 10 hours worth of online TV per week?  If so, how much will this cost you on a monthly basis?
  • If you choose to refer others to this programme, are you going to undertake free or paid advertising?  If paid advertising how much will this cost you per advert and how long will you run the ad?
  • If you choose free advertising how much time and effort do you envisage putting towards developing the free adverts?  Remember your time is also valuable.  Do you have an hourly rate in mind.

Once you know your costs or your projected costs, you can then start to work out whether the income you potentially derive will not only cover your costs but also provide you with extra income and make the activity worth it.

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Let’s crunch some numbers re the income side, assuming all being equal you are able to watch the maximum 10 hours per week:

  • $25 per hour x 10 hours maximum = $250 per week x 4 weeks = $1000
  • $5 per referral who earn up to $25 p.w. x 10 referrals = $50
  • $1 per each person they refer who also earn up to $25 p.w. x 10 people = $10

Therefore to make an additional $500 per month means you will have to successfully personally refer 100 people to the programme.  There is no maximum limit on the number of people you can personally refer to the programme.

Then if each person you personally refer to the programme successfully refers 10 people to the system, this would provide you with an extra $100 per month.

Based on these figures, and I’m trying to be very, very conservative, you stand to earn $1600 per month, which is definitely not to be sneezed at.  However, you have to also now calculate your costs into this $1600 to ascertain whether this is a time effective and financially viable system for you to earn money online.  Only you can decide this.

Okay, I now have an idea of the time requirements and the associated costs what do I have to do?

  • Click here and complete your free registration.  Please ensure you confirm your email address as you will not gain access until you do.
  • Watch up to 10 hours maximum TV per week and provide your opinions and comments on what you have watched.
  • It is optional whether you decide to refer others to this programme,  This is entirely up to you.
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Hopefully you have found this information useful.  At times we comment  wouldn’t it be fabulous if our favourite past times actually earned us extra $$$.  Well if you’re into TV then here is the opportunity to do so.  Only you can decide.


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