How to Make Money Online with this Dumb Little System


For many people the holy grail of the internet is how to make money online that is cost effective, doable, and doesn’t suck up all one’s time.  Some people for many years literally max out their credit cards, lose their hard earned savings, all in this holy grail attempts to make even $1.  Making Money Online can be so elusive and there are many out there touting they have the next best system since sliced bread – only to find that it’s either:

  • A complete load of BS that really doesn’t provide all the steps for the good money you’ve paid for.
  • Is a complete waste of your valuable time and hard earned dollars.
  • Simply rehashing old stuff which internet land has more than truly moved on from.
  • The vendor deliberately leaves out information in order to non verbally force you to buy their next product in the hope that you will gain the required information you need to actually implement their system.

The one thing I can guarantee is that internet land is fast paced and changing all the time.  What worked today may not work in either a month or 3 months time.  This alone can leave you scratching your head wondering where to go to next.

So what is the Dumb Little System and is it all that it’s cracked up to be?


This system is a sales funnel system and yes when you sign up, even for free, you will be encouraged to take up the OTO’s (these are upsells wanting you to purchase more aspects of the system.)  Can you make money from this system? Well this really remains to be seen or proved as they say.

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Basically the Dumb Little System is an MLM (multi level marketing) system and if you’re not into MLM then this is not the system for you.  Basically as people sign up they come under you and any money they make you receive a portion of and the people who sign up under them and so forth.

There are a couple of suggestions I have if you decide to sign up for the Dumb Little System:

  • Avoid traffic exchanges like the plague.  Why?  Because traffic exchanges really are a waste of time and effort.  Basically you can send emails in return for reviewing reading others emails.  So whilst you can send emails it really is a waste of time because the members of traffic exchanges are more intent on having their own email campaigns read by you to buy or sign up into their own products rather than really see your offer.
  • Solo Ads – um, some people really think they’re the next best thing since sliced bread.  However, if you choose the wrong solo ad vendor you can literally waste your hard earned dollars big time.  Hence, be careful and be very, very selective.
  • If you do get people to sign up to the Dumb Little System, then for goodness sake avoid the temptation to spam your list like crazy.  My suggestion is utilise the 5:2:1 ratio (a rarity in internet land these days).  What’s does this ratio mean:  send 5 emails full of informational strategies on how people can implement the Dumb Little System ethically and cost effectively.  Send 2 emails branding your business.  Send 1 email that sells a product that people can effectively use on an ongoing basis to implement the Dumb Little System.
  • Maintain an Excel file of all your advertising and marketing efforts, complete with information on what type of advertising you utilised, the date the advertising started, whether it is free or paid advertising and if paid how much did you pay or are expected to pay on an ongoing basis; how many clicks (visitors) you received; how many of these visitors signed up and/or how many visitors contacted you for further information.
  • If you decide to use Fiverr traffic vendors, be very, very selective as in my experience they might blast the URL however you can find their are literally no conversions.  Unless you set up your own squeeze page with this system, I would avoid Fiverr vendors because whilst they provide a URL to show the number of clicks, you literally cannot verify that the traffic did in fact click on your squeeze page provided as part of the Dumb Little System (because you cannot access the back end of the system’s squeeze page to install any type of analytics plugin.)  I have tested at least 3 different Fiverr vendors and even hoping for a 1% sign up has not eventuated and yes, I have been very, very selective in who I chose to give my hard earned dollars to.  Whilst I understand that no-one can guarantee any type of optin from their traffic generation strategy, expecting 1% conversion rate is really not pie in the sky.  Hence, makes me wonder whether all these vendors are doing is using some type of software rather than sending real people.
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In Conclusion:

As far as I am concerned the jury is still out on whether the Dumb Little System really does enable people to make money online.  However, I am prepared to effectively and within a contained budget continue to implement the system to ascertain whether it is a worthwhile system or not.

Bryan Winters – the founder of the system is an interesting character in himself.  Whilst he does send copious emails, he does respond relatively quickly to any questions you may have.  He also does send out some rather interesting suggestions by email.  However I would avoid the Co-Op nonsense that is touted.  From all I’ve been able to gather, sure he is making money with this system, and getting sign ups but the traffic sent to your landing pages is so minor that it’s worthless, for example: 51 views in 14 days is not going to convert anything.

I will leave it up to you to make your own informed decision.  I hope this reviews supports you and if you want more information about this Dumb Little System CLICK HERE


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