How to Protect Gmail Account by Enabling Two-Factor Authentication


Gmail world’s largest Electronic mail provider used by billions of people across the world. Gmail became a part in everyone’s life. Being a product of Google, Gmail plays an crucial in every Google related product. And Google involved in most of the devices. As we all know, for most of the Andriod Smartphones Gmail account is mandatory. No matter you need Gmail account in order to access Google Play Store and download other applications on your smartphone. Like this, Gmail linked with many applications. Without gmail it’s difficult for one to survive these days.

However Gmail account protected by a Password, which is set by us, still it is Vulnerable. A Sucker Born every minute! Which means there are plenty of Hackers out there, who tries to hack someone’s personal data. Because of Hackers, many people losing their personal information along with their accounts. So, I thought to share a trick with which you can protect your Gmail account. With this method, you need not to worry about Gmail Hacks.

Here i will let you about How to Protect Gmail Account by Enabling Two-Factor Authentication. It’s a well-known Trick, many people are already aware of it, but many people don’t know how to enable this. Follow the below mentioned simple steps to enable Two-Factor Authentication for your Gmail Account.

  1. First of All, Login to your Gmail Account, and click on your profile
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Select “Sign-in & security”
  4. After that, Click on “2-Step Verification” There you can see. “Password & sign-in method.”
    When try to make any changes here, Gmail may ask you to enter your Password. So enter your Gmail Password if it Asks
  5. After entering your password, you can set up Two Factor Authentication
  6. Note: You have to enter your Permanent or Existing Mobile number. Remember, you have to maintain that mobile number forever to access that gmail account. In case if you lost that mobile, it will become difficult for you to access that Gmail account
  7. After entering the mobile number, verify it with the help of OTP. You are Done!
    It is very simple to enable Two Factor Authentication. It is highly recommended and helpful. Hope you are clear with Two Factor Authentication in Gmail. Still if you have any doubts, do let us know by commenting below!

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