How to Watch TV and Get Paid at the Same Time


This is a Pre Launch Offer and what a beauty at that!

One of the aspects I like about the internet is I come across all sorts of different ideas on how to make money online from the downright scams to the weird, the wonderful and the downright whacky!

Now if you’re like me and you love to watch TV then this pre launch offer just might be your ticket to indulging in one of your favourite past times and make money online at the same time.

Please Note:  You must be 18 years and older and have completed high school, regardless of what country you live in.  

THW Global Advertising

THW Global Advertising is the name of the company that is providing this pre launch offer.

Bear with me whilst I give you some stats, that might prove of interest to you prior to making a decision whether to join as a free member or not.  Yes, registration is free:

  • Over 202 million people watch TV or stream videos online.
  • Live TV consumption online in 2015 was on average 4 hours 27 minutes per adult.  (Reference Marketing Charts. com)
  • THW Global Advertising is averaging 1000 registrations per hour of people signing up to this pre launch offer.
  • 180 million Americans are watching TV and movies online each month (Reference: Digital Trends)
  • Worldwide Media and Online Advertising spending is fast approaching $1 trillion as companies and advertising and marketing firms harness the internet to get their message to millions of viewers online. (Reference AD Age).

As you can see the trends of people across the globe watching movies and TV online is growing and will continue to grow as the tech giants creates smarter and faster technology to enable people to stream online movies and TV online.

THW Global Advertising is wanting to work with the above trends and are inviting ordinary, every day people to work with them and get paid for doing so.  They are prepared to:

  • Pay up to $25 per hours and request members watch a minimum of 10 hours per week.
  • Provide a compensation scheme if you refer 10 people who create a free registration to participate in this scheme, where you can earn up to $1000 per month extra to the $$$ you earn watching online movies and advertising yourself.
  • Have a zero tolerance policy towards spamming others.
  • Once there are between 50,000 – 250,000 international viewers registered in your country is when you’ll be able to watch various movie trailers, video surveys, TV pilot programmes and online advertising.
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Geez Let Me in Now – How Do I Register:

  • Click Here to be taken to the free registration page.

  • Complete the registration form, including the name of the website you would like to have to promote this fabulous pre launch offer.
  • Confirm your email address once you have registered.
  • Then simply tell your friends, family, colleagues about his offer.

Please Note:  With any internet streaming service, you need to ensure you have the broadband data allowance in order to be able to watch the THW Global Advertising movie trailers, TV pilot programmes and whatever else THW Global sends your way as a member.

Hence, if you are currently on a capped data allowance per month for your broadband, you may want to consider upgrading your broadband plan to meet the requirements of viewing 10 hours per week of online TV streaming.  You also have the option of using your current data plan, gradually checking out how much data is going to be chewed up and then crunch your numbers as to whether what you get paid is worth the costs of ensuring you have the right data allowance plan.

Enjoy watching TV online and getting paid for doing so.  Please let me know how you go and how many $$$ you are making (if you’re prepared to disclose the amount that is).




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