Innovation of the week: A baby monitor that tracks your infant’s sleep patterns


Want to track your baby’s sleep patterns without clipping a device to her onesie? asked Katherine Boehret at The Verge. Nanit, a smart baby monitor, doesn’t just help keep a watchful eye on your infant, it uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze everything its camera sees.


The monitor can recognize when a baby falls asleep, how much the child moved during the night, and how many times Mom or Dad had to step in for some late-night soothing. “Each morning, the Nanit app shows a highlight reel of the previous night,” including a “sleep score” and personalized sleep-training tips based on the data it collects. Nanit also tracks milestones, like the first time a baby puts herself back to sleep on her own. Nanit can be pre-ordered now for $279, with the price rising to $349 when it starts shipping in September.

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