Interview with Marc Faber – Gloom, Doom and Boom Ahead


420 traders recently had the opportunity to hear what the world leading economist and author, Dr Marc Faber, had to say, in his 90-minute address in Sydney.

Covering the big topics such as Brexit, the Euro, the rise of China, Gold and Precious Metals, Crude Oil and of course the US Election coming up in a few days, he provided many fresh thoughts on what is likely to unfold in the next few months to years.

Dr Marc Faber Gloom Doom Boom Report

Profile Booster managed to secure an interview with Dr Marc Faber, uncovering more of his unique analysis, covering Russia, the potential for war, Germany bailing out the banks, the British Pound and the chance of hyperinflation.

“Dr Marc Faber is one of the most unique and insightful thinkers I have ever listened to. The depth of his analysis and statistics to back up his thinking were extremely refreshing. Faber knows the markets, and he understands how the economic powerhouses of the world work or don’t work together and the opportunities presented as a result,” commented Ashley Jessen, CEO & Co-Founder of Profile Booster.

Some of the key economic data Faber went through included:

  • How the next generation (1st world countries) will be poorer and have a lower standard of living compared to their parents.
  • Emerging countries have more younger people, and they will have a higher standard of living than their elders.
  • 20% of people are currently living in Emerging countries and to expect a generational shift in the future.
  • China is the world’s number 1 trading partner with 28% of exports going to China.
  • Crude Oil demand in major economies is falling, but demand among emerging countries is rapidly increasing.
  • Industrial production in emerging countries has doubled in the last ten years.
  • China’s exports to the US are coming down.
  • China is the largest trading partner to 128 countries.
  • The emergence of robots and how one factory in the US with 600 employees years ago, now has 12 employees and a heap of robots.
  • How bubbles have a very negative impact on an economy
  • The bigger the bureaucracy, the more crippling it is in an economy.
  • How government credit is expanding rapidly.
  • Negative interest rates cannot work. It is like renting a house, but the tenant gets paid to live there. It cannot be sustained.
  • Crude Oil could go substantially higher in the long term.
  • Thailand has an incredible economic future ahead.
  • Vietnam stock market is like the Australian stock market back in the 1970’s and has incredible growth potential.
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Jessen continued, “Marc introduced some statistics that I’ve not seen before. It has certainly made me think more proactively about the South East Asian region and what the growth in these areas means from an opportunity point of view.”

“Dr Marc Faber is nowhere near as mobile as he used to be, but his mind is as sharp as a tack. It is easy to see why he is considered a true thought leader and a key influencer regarding global market analysis and can identify the real opportunities that lie ahead.”

There is no doubt the Forex and CFD market are going to be an exciting place over the next few months to years. With a recession on the minds of many analysts, including Dr Marc Faber, it will be interesting to see how it pans out and the volatility ahead.

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