iPhone 8 May Totally Do Away with Physical Buttons


iPhone will be a decade old in 2017, and what better way to mark the celebrations than to launch a truly innovative, out-of-the-world iPhone 8. Well, it is the time of the year for rumors and speculations, and USPTO’s regular release of patents has given us the fodder to gossip! According to latest news for Patently Apple, the new iPhone can possible do away with physical volume control and home buttons and have input sensors all around the device. The new iPhone can also have sensors at the rear of the device – the idea is to make the most of the smartphone real estate and offer the best features to the users.

There are also rumors that the 2017 iPhone will be all glass with only a tinge of metal to complement the look. Apple has the easy option of equipping its new offering with a glass used on the Apple Watch; however, the high cost can be a constraint. Phire, a tough, scratch resistant glass developed by Gorilla Glass can be the answer.

Another feature that could see the light of the day in the new iPhone is the highly sought-after wireless charger. Recent advances in technology have been supportive of wireless charging that goes beyond the current limitations posed by dockets and NFCs. If the 2017 iPhone 8 comes with wireless charging, it will very well start a race among other smartphone makers, as we have seen iPhone’s record in setting trends.

Year 2017 may also see the launch of the first iPhone with an OLED display. There have been calls to switch over to the OLED from Apple fanboys as early as iPhone 6, but may be this time, Apple will finally take the call to cross over and take the big leap.

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While the camera on the iPhone will probably get an upgrade in terms of megapixels, what’s more important is the integration of Touch ID and front facing camera. While this may be of little interest for users, Apple may be looking to pitch it as a new feature in its brand new offering.

These were some of the rumored features that the new iPhone will have. While Apple has the knack of keeping the most experienced tech experts guessing till the day of launch, it remains to be seen what the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 brings to the table.

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