Is Facebook as a Lead Generation Platform Dead in the Water?


Facebook as a social media platform has millions of users worldwide.  The question becomes, if you’re an online business owner:  “Can you generate leads and ultimately sales” via Facebook?  In many respects the jury is out.  Why?

  • Some people and businesses swear by Facebook and believe they obtain fabulous returns for the time, effort and/or $$$ they allocate to encourage Facebook users to click on their links and offers.
  • Others basically say, Facebook is definitely over rated as many Facebook users simply want to connect with their friends and families or people they know and trust, rather than being sold to.

In many respects let’s have a wee look at what Facebook is currently up to, to assist us to make an informed decision:

  • The CPC (cost per click) advertising is literally rivaling Google Ads these days, in how expensive they have become.
  • Users can boost various posts to increase their audience reach – at a price as one would expect.
  • The most annoying aspect of Facebook is one simply cannot set a preference to not receive Facebook advertising on one’s Facebook profile; and one has to manually delete all such advertising.  The only aspect Facebook allows is for one to set the preferences to what type of advertising one would like to see in one’s timeline rather than setting a preference to see no advertising whatsoever.
  • Facebook algorithms have become increasing challenging to work out just like Google algorithms are.  Basically just because you develop a post on your Facebook page or profile page doesn’t mean these days your post will in fact be seen by your FB fans or target audience.  Again this is a completely annoying aspect for Faceback to decide they are now judge and jury as to what will happen to your post and who will see it.  As you go to the trouble to create unique and useful content posts, only to have Facebook determine exactly who, if anybody, will see your post.
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So is Facebook dead when it comes to generating leads and sales for your online or offline business?  Well only you can determine this.

Here are 3 simple steps to try and even the playing field for you to achieve success:

Step 1:

Ensure you have a great product/service to offer and that you have tested, tweaked and ensure your offer is relevant to your target audience.

Ensure you have a webpage established for the product/service you offer so people are able to hit the buy button if they decide to either give you a try and want your product/service.

Create an informative post to post on Facebook.  This could be an image, a lead generation video, a wee article post or a mixture of 2 of the 3.

Step 2:

Include a Call to Action in your post: Invite people to ask you for more information on the product or service, via either contacting you via sending you a PM or direct them to webpage contact form or by leaving a comment below your post so you can contact them.

Step 3:

Ensure you share your newly developed post on relevant Facebook groups (without breaching Facebook TOR or the Group’s rules). Be careful not to spam group members as you will defeat the purpose.  You will also need to ensure you have relevant posts on your Facebook page prior to undertaking this step, so visitors can review you to make a more informed decision.

(Reference: Billee Gray, Internet Business Kits)

In Conclusion:

We’ll leave you to make up your own mind as to whether Facebook is dead in the water for online businesses to generate leads and sales from.  We suggest you do your due diligence first, ensure if you do decide to undertake some paid Facebook advertising, either via their CPC or boosting your post, you set some parameters around your spending budget.  Start small and see what happens.  You can always scale up if successful and stop if not seeing the results you want.

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