Is It The End Of Advertising?



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The End of Advertising

New York, NY, 12/10/2016 — News is something happens everyday and literally spread through out the web easily as people read and share what they consider important for them. Since the important of what we call news value, Google has put news matters on their special tab called Google News for the latest update around the world. This is the biggest potential of the news itself. Happens anywhere, anytime, and people love it. Now imagine the potential for business who can ride the news wave in order to expose their business in the front of million news reader around the globe. Gigantic!

The fact is, most businesses are commonly spend big budget on the advertising platform to expose their unique selling point to the market. One thousand dollars a month is the average spending in order to make sure their businesses get enough exposure on the global market. But most of them never realize that the more they spend the more they will depends on the platform it self without having a chance to grow their business authority without advertising.

This where the News plays a great role to reduce any advertising budget even drop it to zero without having to worries about monthly spending again. Tollway to First Page, this is the one you’ll remember if you join aboard.

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Summary: NewsPass will expose your business in front of millions news reader and let them share about your business to the world through out their network, without having to spend a dime on any advertising platform.

About NEWSPASS: We are a simple company who try to offer simple help to the businesses on a simple system and keep the output simple: EXPOSURE.

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