Japanese indulging in the Otonamaki


Recently a very weird custom is being followed in the whole of Japan which is being known as the Otonamaki ritual and this is the kind that is indeed a creepy looking thing to do- though they claim that this process has a lot of therapeutic advantages as well. If you are claustrophobic then it is time to skip this news since what we are going to say just might upgrade your fear to the next level. This is because of the fact that this ritual is all about wrapping themselves in cloth so that anyone with posture problems might be cured with the same.

The word Otonamaki when translated turns ‘adult wrapping’ and it is the one that is supposed to eliminate the posture problems and is becoming a raging tradition all over the country as well. This is a ritual that is supposed to help with the physical development of the person. The idea has been derived after they saw babies being wrapped in cloth in a similar manner for their enhancement in posture, and each of these weird sessions go for about 20 minutes each.

At first a large sheet of cloth is used with numerous holes so that it is easy for the individual to breathe. Then that cloth is used for wrapping up an individual who will lie in a cramped manner, and the ends of the cloth will be tied together as well. This is the custom that is supposed to make the person more flexible. Some of them who went through this said later that they felt more refreshed and their pain ebbed away due to this custom- they would also like to do it later on as well. The most important factor about it is that it is a process that is really proving to be a successful one and many say that they are really relieved off their pain. Now if you are not the one to be afraid of closed spaces, then you should go and try them as well- since it is so effective.

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