Jax Taylor Hints That James Kennedy Is Physically Abusive To Women


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Everyone knows that Jax Taylor and James Kennedy don’t get along very well. It turns out that Jax recently made a pretty big accusation against James that is not going to go over well. She Knows shared that Jax actually said something making it sound like James Kennedy is physically abusive to women. A lot of people don’t care for James Kennedy, and Jax feels that way.

On Monday night, everyone saw Jax Taylor show up at a club where James was doing a job. You would think that Jax would stay away from anywhere that James would be, but he knew that a couple of girls were planning to show up and accuse James of sleeping with them while he was with his girlfriend. Of course, Jax Taylor couldn’t stay away from the drama.

Jax Taylor actually went to Twitter accusing James and revealing why he felt the need to be at the club that night. He said, “I am not petty but he hits girls, as you saw so if my girl is going you better bet your ass I am gonna be around. #pumprules.” Along with that, Jax was replying to someone’s tweet, but after he replied they deleted their tweet. Jax tried to make it sound like he was there simply because Brittany was and he doesn’t trust James.

Now if James Kennedy is physically abusive, this has never been seen on Vanderpump Rules. Kristen Doute actually was seen smacking him, but James was never seen hitting her. Jax Taylor doesn’t have any proof that he is sharing just yet, though.

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Lala Kent did leave the show, but her friend James Kennedy doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. James did share on Watch What Happens Live the other night that he is still friends with her even though she isn’t on the show anymore. Lala and James did try to date for a bit, but it never really went anywhere.

Things great with Brittany, but last week on the show he had some issues with her and her mom. In Touch Weekly shared how they had a bit of a feud over the homosexual rumors about Jax. There have been rumors for a while that he used to be involved with a man, but Jax has never admitted to it. Brittany’s mom asked him about these rumors. Here is what he had to say.

“That’s just my buddies just being stupid. As far as me being a homosexual, I have nothing against it. I’m not. I’ve never gone down that road before. If you want to believe what you want to believe, that’s fine. It didn’t happen. You can either take my word for it or you don’t.”

Brittany was pretty upset that Jax was rude to her in front of her mom, but Brittany is still with him. Reports are that this couple now has a spin-off coming and that would make things really hard if they couldn’t work out their relationship. Fans have seen Jax Taylor change girlfriends more than once on the show and it looks like he may have finally found one that is going to stick around.

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What do you think of the accusations that James Kennedy is physically abusive toward men? Do you think that this is true or that Jax is trying to stir up trouble? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo.

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