Just ready for Christmas: new “Sudoku For Beginners” book to learn and practice solving techniques with tutorials and 200 progressive puzzles


Hot of the press: the book “Sudoku For Beginners Who Want To Progress: 200 Puzzles With Corresponding Techniques Explained“, first volume of the series “Progressive Sudoku puzzles”, by Sherlock Houdini, is now available on Amazon (and CreateSpace).

Just doing many Sudoku puzzles may not be enough to progress in your ability to solve them and to advance to more difficult puzzles.
There are techniques which may take you a long time to discover by yourself. You’ll learn them here.

Instead of somewhat arbitrary levels such as easy, medium, hard…, here we present you 200 puzzles grouped by the techniques used to solve them.
First, we explain a technique and then you have multiple puzzles to practice this technique. Once you have mastered a technique, you can go to the next group and learn the corresponding technique.
While the first puzzles are very easy, it may take you more than 30 minutes to solve the more difficult ones.

  • Clear explanation of the rules
  • 200 progressive puzzles separated into five groups
  • For each group, tutorial on the new technique necessary to solve its puzzles
  • Many diagrams and explanations
  • Step-by-step resolution for the difficult puzzles
  • Solution for all puzzles

This will provide you hours of entertainment.

After practicing with this book, you won’t be a beginner anymore (but there are still more techniques to learn later on).

The perfect gift for Christmas ! Take advantage of the low price during book launch:

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