An old PR quote states that any publicity is good publicity. The idea is that no news is a fate worse than bad news when it comes to promoting a product. An opposing adage states, nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising. Essentially meaning too much attention on your product can set unrealistic expectations. So which of these two philosophies will apply to the latest entry in the competitive renewable energy field newcomer K3OPS ( http://www.k3ops.com) ?

Some may recall the dotcom crash of the late 90’s. This was the time when after stratospheric growth the values of upwardly mobile websites came crashing down to earth and caused such collateral damage that it took years for the industry to recover. No sane investor would go within 100 feet of an Internet stock and the sock puppet mascot of pets.com became a cautionary symbol of what happens when hubris is not matched by experience. Today, all eyes are on K3OPS (pronounced Cheops in reference to the second pharaoh of the 4th dynasty), even though it was barely out the gate it was already generating significant buzz in both print and online media. This is partly because the company unleashed a publicity blitzkrieg but also because of its pedigree. So naturally their latest endeavor was saddled with the dubious honor of being named the “game changer”. I say dubious because the title comes with some pretty high expectations. Can any technology really challenge all kind of energy provider’s monopoly? It is no small feat to go up against companies that has ruled the world for more than a century.

Worldwide scientists have been unsuccessfully trying to overcome the problematic of RF energy harvesting for decades until Alexandre DESPALLIERES and Xin WEI being awarded in the Top Engineering Inventions for their devices that converts electromagnetic fields into energy to power small electronic devices. They went further, pushed boundaries and unveiled a smart plug that can deliver an endless source of clean energy that require no maintenance and make you save money on your annual home energy use. With K3 Smart Plug you will never run out of power or even to seek an outlet since it generates its power from the ‘Quantum Skipping effect’, providing a stable 220V tension up to 300W consumption.

According to the creators of this breakthrough technology, the next phase of the campaign will be more educative centric ads encompassing energy transition, but the biggest challenge will be consumers themselves since the goal of energy transition is to improve the quality of life while contributing to a sustainable society. Xin WEI said: “Our solutions help to relieve existing networks, these alternatives cannot in any case claim to replace them, but they complement in the interests of consumers. Ultimately, our technology reduces polluting power generation while respecting the architecture of the network.”

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