Kimbo Slice Dead


Kimbo_Slice_1Kimbo Slice has died at the age of 42. He was a professional martial artist and has been known as the master of the Kimbo “dojo”. He has been in the hospital in Florida for a while before being reported as having an illness. Many fans are devastated by his passing. His friends and close family describe his life as a gentle man when outside his career life. He was always optimistic for the future and his outdoor life. He was one of the players that have made MMA mainstream. UFC has revered their popularity based on his Kimbo Slice’s MMA fights. Mr. Slice had many jobs in the past, but once he found that he was gifted in MMA, he knew that this was the right career for him. He made viral street fighting videos before UFC recruited him and saw his potential as being a top MMA professional.


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