KKK Stabbing outside Los Angeles Rap Concert over Lyrics in Rap Song


Last night, Thursday March 30, 2017 at a downtown Los Angeles, California theater, according to attendees and bystanders a group of protesters began to assemble and gather outside of the theater prior to the start of the concert. While attendees lined up outside preparing to go inside, protesters who are members of the racial organization Ku Klux Klan, began to gather outside to protest racially charged lyrics of one of the performers of the night, rapper Jaron Marquis. Signs read, “You are My Nigga” and contained many other racial epithets that were used to rile and upset the crowd.

During the chaos rapper Jaron Marquis did come outside to attempt to calm the situation where witnesses say the members of the Klu Klux Klan drew knives. Fans and security then surrounded rapper Jaron Marquis to protect him causing a fight to ensue. Rapper Jaron Marquis received minor wounds during the altercation while two members of the Klu Klux Klan received more serious wounds. Police arrived to the scene and arrested several offenders. No charges have been filed at the moment. The concert was delayed but wounded, rapper Jaron Marquis still performed for a crowd of approximately 500 people remaining in attendance.

A representative for rapper Jaron Marquis, did respond to our request for questioning regarding the event, who mentioned that Jaron only wanted for everyone to be and remain safe. His only goal was to calm the situation down and that the song was actually meant to bring people together so that anyone could sing the song. He believes that we give the word, “Nigga” power and hate. But his wish was to take away that hate so that we could use it as a term to show love to each other.

We have included a link to the suggestive song below so that our readers and subscribers can judge for themselves if this song is actually a problem for race wars or could it actually do what it needs to do for solving race issues in a country on edge.

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