Know more about the New Apple air pods


The latest decision of Apple to eliminate the use of headphones had quite a lot of opposition but when the latest air pods came in the market, it brought about a new round of thrill and excitement to all. But if you do not know the details of the same, then let us tell you that this decision was taken in order to promote complete wireless mode in the phones. The new Air pods have brought about a lot of questions in the market and here are the answers to all of them. They were supposed to be launched in the month of October, but the delay occurred due to the limited quantity manufacturing of the same. These wireless ear buds cost $159 a pair and you can buy them now at all the Apple stores.

The reports say that since the day of its launch there has been immense craze about these air pods and the sales are incredibly high. Also these can be bought in the offline stores for now, since the privilege for online shopping won’t be a viable option for now. Also here is a myth running around that the iPhone 7 does not have a headphone jack at all- it is a complete hoax. The iPhone7 alo works with normal earphones as well as the wireless ones.

These air pods are connected with the help of Bluetooth but they also have a processor chip that can do the kind of work that the normal wireless earphones cannot do. These chips are being termed as the brains of the air pods as they really work in an automated manner. This chip helps in the detection of the skin so that they do not start playing the song until and unless you put them in your air. That is a brilliant technology that has been used by Apple. Also there is the presence of infrared sensors in these devices and they are also connectable without pair- meaning one can walk around in one of the pods without getting disconnected. A single charge of the battery can last about 24hours.

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