La Dominion Acquisitions Works with Top Brands To Improve Brand Impression


La Dominion Acquisitions Works with Top Brands To Improve Brand Impression

Creating memorable brands is a top priority with each sales and marketing campaign La Dominion Acquisitions implement.

Online PR News – 14-May-2013 – As competition in the business market continues to rise, Managing Director Adina Stoleru at La Dominion Acquisitions stresses the importance of creating memorable brands. Report sales conversions have increased since La Dominions Acquisitions speciality method of face-to-face product demonstrations have incorporated longer lasting brand impressions.

Companies have witnessed the significance of branding when it comes to establishing asuccessful business, produce or service; a high priority especially for those emerging start-up businesses. Its the combination of specific words, fonts, colours, personality and design that gives you distinctive recognition, sustainable credibility and favourable memorability more so than your competitors. ( Adina Stoleru is one of the Managing Directors at the London-based outsourcing customer acquisition firm La Dominion Acquisitions and claims, Sticking in the customers mind is an important factor in today’s marketing strategies. With the market becoming saturated with similar products and services, standing out from the crowd is paramount.

La Dominion Acquisitions look to improve customer acquisition and retention. They boast formulating marketing strategies and specialise in creating a memorable brand experience to ensure products are understood, stored in the customers mind and easily retrievable due to engaging marketing approaches.

At La Dominion Acquisitions, the company is proud of their efficient use of personalised face-to-face interactions when it comes to marketing their clients products and services. Adina Stoleru emphasises the sheer importance and vitality of offering a unique business strategy, especially now the market is so competitive. Our goal is for the retrieving process to be effortless for our customers. If we can make an impact at the point of sale that is different from any competitor and a customer can recall the presentation a week, a month or even a year later then we have been successful in our marketing objectives.

La Dominion Acquisitions are an outsourcing customer acquisition firm with a huge focus on outsourcing their services to increase brand awareness as well as maintaining a long-lasting connection with their clients, specialising in the film, entertainment and gaming industries.

About La Dominion Acquisitions: La Dominion Acquisitions is an outsourced customer acquisitions firm who specialise in the entertainment, film and gaming industries.

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