Lazy Lane Cabins Hocking Hills- Owners Are Assholes


“this my opinion and my opinion alone and not the opinion of scitechnation or its staff”



Lazy Lane Cabins Owners Debra and Ron Stephenson are true assholes..  Lazy Lane cabins are located in Hocking Hills Ohio. The owners of Lazy Lane Cabins are a joke. They would screw the hell out of their own family members. While researching online it ois clear by many reviews the type place they run.



4 months ago
My husband and I visited this past weekend and I was extremely disappointed. Only half the grill worked, the hottub was 93 degrees which was super cold. The bed was uncomfortable, and I had to wash all the dishes and cookware prior to use. I found a dead cockroach on the floor and couldn’t sleep knowing that was there. What was supposed to be a wonderful Anniversary weekend escape ended up being a highly over priced nightmare.
7 months ago
Stayed in the Liberty cabin. Quite location between Logan/Hocking Hills. Staff was friendly at check-in and maintenace came out fast on the 2nd day to addrress issues from the first night. (Several lights out, leaking shower head, hot tub not working, hard pillows). Unfortunately I do not recommend staying in the Liberty cabin. The shower has almost no water pressure making showers difficult and it leaks all night keeping you awake (even after maintenance replaced the shower head with an even cheaper model) . The bed and pillows were less comfortable than a $50/night motel. Guests writing in the journal from previous stays made the same comments. If you don’t take my advice and stay here, remember to manually flip the breaker box on the hot tub to get it to heat up.
3 months ago
Our cabin had mice and, more horrifying, mouse poop all over the kitchen counter. It is obviously an ongoing issue because everyone wrote about it in the guest book. Disgusting!
6 months ago
Stayed in Lanes End cabin. I had 10 people in my cabin . The cabin was clean but no dish soap for dishes. Lights were out in basement along with the heater not working. The Game room did not look like it did in the advertisement..and there was a toliet attached in the floor next to ping pong table ..put in the open. Fire pit located in a distance and muddy area. The grills there are small and not usable. On a scale of 1 to 5..this is s maybe 3 for 700$ I expected more
9 months ago
Dishonest! I booked a cabin and then the next day was told my credit card was declined which I knew was not possible. When I called Lazy Lane they said they had tried to get a hold of me before giving the cabin to someone else but my cell number was disconnected…which it wasn’t. They even read me back my correct telephone number.
The problem, according to them, was that the last digit of my card number was wrong. When this happens it does not come back as Declined but rather invalid. I went back to their website and tried to book a cabin and my computer used the auto-fill option. Guess what? My credit card number I used to book the cabin was correct.
Guess a friend or relative really wanted my cabin…
I won’t patronize a business as dishonest as this.
3 years ago
Wasn’t warned about the steep hill and it’s length getting from my car to the cabin. It was not reasonable for someone of my age and physical stamina. Cart that was provided was worse than useless, going down or up. Free WiFi statement on add was totally misleading. I chose this cabin because it had WiFi. When I got to the cabin and read the page about WiFi it said WiFi was at the local libraries, in the parking lot of their business office, Bob Evans, etc. In other words I had to travel several miles to access WiFi. The living area was visually nice and clean. However it was not comfortable and the lighting was terrible. There were other problems, but I don’t want to write a term paper. Management seemed disinterested when I informed them at check-out.. Guess that is what check out means to them. Never will I return.
Jewels Anderson

4 years ago
Our 1 weekend a year trip was horrible that year. Winter weather knocked out power within hours of our arrival, no backup generator. My husband began snoring when his sleep apnea machine stopped. Cabin phone and cellphones not working. In 8 degrees above zero temp; we had to melt snow in pans, on top of outside deck propane grill, to be able to flush the toilet after ourselves. No one came to ask if we needed blankets, candles or a flashlight – as none were already supplied. Had our car not started, we’d of had to walk on foot to the office. If one of us had a heart attack, and we not had Onstar in our car, we could have died. After waiting for 24 hours, with no communication from staff, we called stating we were leaving, and all they could say was you just void your weekend contract with us will receive no refund. Could not believe their reaction and lack of concern. We paid $369 for a 2-night weekend, of which we only got 8 hours of with power. We contacted the BBB and Attorney General’s Office, who said the offer was for us to pay them additional money, and to come back to stay in the same cabin we’d had the disastrous experience – which was unsatisfactory to us. We will never go back there, nor forget the lack of hospitality this place has to offer.
A Google User
5 years ago
The White Wolf Cabin had a refrigerator that didn’t work. The shower leaks. I would not recommend this cabin and it is definitely not worth the money.


We’ve been traveling to the beautiful Hocking Hills region for a few years and thought that this year we had found the perfect home for our annual trip. The Sunrise Forest cabin was roomy, somewhat well-equipped, and some of the beds were comfortable. One of the couches smelled like vomit, but we figured we could give the benefit of the doubt – they missed that during cleaning and it would be cleaned. Overall, we were fairly pleased.

However, as I was getting ready to leave I dropped an earring on the bathroom floor, was immediately distracted by someone calling my name, and accidentally left the earring there. When I called just 36 hours later, I was told that “our housekeeper did find it where you said, but threw it in the trash because there was only one; and it is our policy not to keep anything guest leave.” I was stunned. It was on the bathroom floor, there was only one, so the logical conclusion was to throw it away??? When I questioned the action of throwing a guest’s found item in the trash, I was repeatedly told, “It’s our policy,” and “Well, it was your earring, so you should have kept track of it.” I’ll let that statement, one better suited for a toddler, stand on it’s own.

We will not stay there again, nor do we recommend Lazy Lane Cabins to anyone.

A.J. T.


7/29/2016 Updated review

UPDATE 7/28/16: Yelpers – see below where the owner responded. Note that NONE of that was said to my face, nor a personal phone call or even an email, the person is assuming that I was told things because they weren’t even there, and they still have every penny of my money. Yelpers are smarter than that Lazy Lane, and will see through that fake internet attempt at appeasement. And my “assumption” is based on how we were treated, not a guess. Address your repeated customer service concerns, employ reasonable policies and this won’t be a problem for your business in the future as it was with me, and past guests via their yelp reviews. BTW who in their right mind sits in a blacked out cabin for more than ten minutes and waits for the office to close? C’mon….  And to the owner, I am not Anne. I am the other nameless one. I do accept your apology for the subtle discrimination.

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Dont do it!! Horrible customer service. Seriously, ridiculous. My partner bought a night there last weekend as a surprise to welcome me to an area she picked to showcase her home state. Got to the cabin, the power was out. We paid for the buckeye cabin which had a jacuzzi…that cant be utilized with no electricity..heat was also out and electricity was gone. Obviously, no one can be expected to stay in a remote cabin all night with no heat, light, or electricity right? Front desk woman refuses to refund even though we immediately returned the keys due to the unlivable conditions. We were standing in the cabin for maybe ten minutes before we escaped.

Also, for LGBT people and people who aren’t bigots..beware spending your hard earned money here. This is the type of place that digs subtle discrimination based on their actions. Check this out – we happened to accidentally drive up to someone else’s cabin while locating ours. On the door, there was a sign that said “Welcome Tyler and Jennifer”. When we arrived at our cabin, the sign said welcome… but had my partner’s first name and my last name. Lol some neanderthal couldn’t bear to write both of our first names but happy to take our gay money. At least deny the reservation; I could’ve respected that more than being a bigot AND a crook. Pretty clear discriminatory insult. My partner was mortified.

Keep the money Lazy Lane, I guarantee I make 4x what you make in a year so no biggie. But im happy to chip in if you’d like to legally change your name to “Lazy Ignorant Money Trap”. My partner however is from Ohio and didn’t deserve to be treated like that by anyone, much less in her own home state.

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Address: 16757 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138

“this my opinion and my opinion alone and not the opinion of scitechnation or its staff”   

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