Leadtech-Investments.com Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Finance



Leadtech-Investments.com Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Finance

Dr. Liu Zhentao, research expert at Leadtech Investments, talks about the role of science and technology in modern finance

Online PR News – 31-May-2016 – As a resident academic at the University of Hong Kong and research expert at Leadtech Investments Dr. Liu Zhentao talks about the role of science and technology in modern finance, and why the scientific approach should be given priority when designing financial products and services.

The role of science and technology has become very apparent as a crucial tool in modern financial systems. For instance, the advance in computational power over the past decade has had a dramatic impact on financial research, banking operations, and related regulations. Due to this increase in computational capacity and respective automation of financial markets, an increasing number of financial institutions and exchanges have now created databases that contain all the valuable information of the markets presented in an easy and accessible manner, stated Dr Zhentao.

Leadtech Investments believes in such a scientific approach and hence it offers high technology products and services that are ahead of competition. Technology plays an important part in the transformation of most industries, because it has the ability to break access barriers and bring down transaction costs to a fraction of what they are today.

At the heart of Leadtech Investments trading technology is its multifunctional Automated Trading Platform (ATP).
Dr Zhentaos background and solid reputation are well versed and as an academic and also researcher at a financial institution such as Leadtech Investments allows the company to bridge between scientific academia and the industry. Leadtech Investments continues to lead the way in bringing Technology and Finance together and is becoming a global brand in this arena.

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