Leadtech Investments Releases Notice of Changes to the Leadtech Charitable Privacy Policy



Leadtech Investments Releases Notice of Changes to the Leadtech Charitable Privacy Policy

Effective immediately, Leadtech Investments Charitable will update its privacy policy to reflect changes in how to collect, and safeguard personal information

Online PR News – 01-June-2016 – The goal of this update is to keep our donors and web users informed on our current practices and comfortable interacting with us and our systems.

A privacy policy is a standard legal document that details how an organization, in this case Leadtech Investments Charitable, will gather, store, use, and release any personal data collected from individuals. Data may include a name, address, date of birth, contact information, financial records, browsing patterns, downloads, and more.

Leadtech Investments Charitable is modifying the existing privacy policy in two areas: how it shares information with third parties and how it tracks website activity.

Sharing personal information with a third party – Leadtech Investments Charitable respects your privacy and will never disclose identifying information with third parties, except in limited circumstances, such as when you give us permission to share information with a designated advisor or in some legal or technical situations.
Leadtech Investments Charitable may also share personal information with third parties to complete certain account transactions. For example, if a donor asks us to transfer assets from another financial institution into an account at Leadtech Investments Charitable, we may need to provide information about that donor and contribution to that company to facilitate and complete the transaction.

Tracking web activity – Leadtech Investments Charitable uses a variety of tools to track and understand how traders use our institutional platform. We gather this information to improve web design and functionality, address technical problems, and support our donors with the best communications, products, and services.

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