Lean Gut Diet Review – Does It Really Work?


A lot has been said on how to get a flat belly and make you fit cutely in those jeans or that bikini. Some of these methods are painful and only effective for a short time before the fats set in again and your calories pile giving you that figure you so thoroughly hate. A flat stomach is an indicator of fitness and accentuates the beauty of your body shape. A lot emphasis has been put on good exercise, a healthy diet as the two core pillars for your lean body shape goal attainment. A healthy gut is achieved by eating what is fit to be eaten and a good workout schedule that promote metabolism and keep the digestion of food fired up throughout the day.

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This article reviews expert’s advice on diet that promote the burning of belly fats by enhancing a person’s metabolic rate and thereby increase their lean body mass. This technique works by enhancing multi-production of the growth hormone which in turn increases the fat burning activity so that extra fat in your body is dealt with in the right way. The method also aims to promote digestion of food by your system, which helps to get rid of bloat. This method is efficient to people of all ages, the digestion part is of much useful to people above the age of 40 whose digestive system has since turned slow .You can enjoy your diet without some concerns and worries about gaining extra weight. Here is the review of that dietary habit that will get you in those designer clothes sooner.

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Lean Gut Diet Review

Do not skip meals

Skipping a meal alarms your body that you are starving and so your body is set to burn no or fewer calories. The next time you get the chance to eat you are most likely to over-eat. Breakfast has proven to be the most important meal of the day and taking enough breakfast in the morning prevents you from overeating during the day, therefore emphasize on a heavy breakfast always. Your body starts by knowing that it should burn calories and this is what it does through the day. Eat foods that will not cause bloating, and those that can aid in metabolism. Always go for animal protein like Fish or lean meat, eggs, whole grains and flowered vegetables such as cabbage and dried fruit.


The advantage of not skipping a meal is that there are no harmful metabolic shifts in your body and therefore a good overall body condition.

Balanced glucose and insulin level


Uncontrolled eating is likely to result to oxidative stress due to surplus calories. There is also the risk of loss of attention when your body is busy digesting.

Therefore, take light or controlled portions that you can manage.


Bloating is one of the causes of an undesirable middle-section. Fibers are important for preventing constipation and get your digestive system functional. Starting your day with fiber foods such as cereal keeps your digestion running throughout the day. Cereal are known to contain two types of fiber; the soluble one and the insoluble one, both of which are fit to be included in your diet.

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Advantages of fiber

Insoluble roughage helps move materials in your digestive canal and adds to your stool bulk, which will then be passed easily. In addition, fiber absorbs water from your stool.

Water-soluble fiber, beans oats and even citrus fruit helps in lowering cholesterol levels by minimizing bad lipoprotein


Carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen production by your body occurs when you take a high amount of fiber and your gut becomes bloated making you to pass wind a lot.

The risk of soluble fiber absorbing too much water to form soft stool. You end up losing water from your body and therefore constipation.

Huge amounts of fiber inhibit calcium and zinc absorption depriving your body of minerals.

So always take fiber discretely and gradually increasing your intake with time as your body gets used to.

Raw produce

Fresh fruits such as avocados, mangos and oranges and green vegetable are all part of a healthy diet aside from containing the necessary fiber too.


Avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acids that stop sugar spikes in your blood thereby preventing your body from storing belly fat.

Fruits also contain vitamin, which fight inflammation in your stomach.


These products are bulky and therefore tend to occupy a large volume, which extends your belly.

The right way is to make sure that the consumption of raw produce is spread across your three daily meals so that you take the correct amount at a time.

Eating a snack in the evening

The correct hour is from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. because the gap between lunchtime and dinnertime is always bigger. The snack should be a low-fat protein one or made from fruits.

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The snack boosts metabolism and ensures correct sugar balance in your blood which therefore ensures insulin level is kept low and few fat stored in your midsection.

Minimize sugar intakes and carbonated drinks

Sugars in alcohols and other drinks lead to a high insulin level. A low sugar intake on the other hand is advantageous in ensuring your glucagon level is high. Bubbles too will accumulate in your belly and midsection.

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Glucagon controls how your body uses fats and glucose. It guarantees the breakdown of amino acids and stored fats for use in the body

Reduce sodium and add potassium

Sodium increases water retention in your gut. In addition your tissues will retain more fluids. Potassium on the other hand helps get rid of extra water. A sodium-potassium balance is maintained by dieting on bananas


Maintaining the correct sodium-potassium balance helps to flush out excess water and sodium and overcome bloat.


There is the risk of an irregular heartbeat and even a heart attack in case of huge potassium quantities in your body.


Avoid taking supplements to increase your potassium and instead take potassium rich foods with lean gut diet review. This is one of the best and guaranteed ways of reducing weight loss issues despite what most advertisements will tell.

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