MacBook Pro 2017: Rumors Point To 32GB Of RAM, Kaby Lake And A Custom T310 Chip


The MacBook Pro 2016 might address the most prominent issues of its predecessor.

Inasmuch as the 2016 MacBook Pro was a revolutionary device, it was also held back by its high price and somewhat underwhelming specs. With avid fans and professional users demanding more from the Cupertino-based tech giant’s most powerful notebook line, rumors are high that Apple might very well address all the MacBook Pro’s issues this 2017. If speculations prove true, a 32GB RAM, Kaby Lake MBP could be set for release later this year.

The 2016 MacBook Pro was the first real upgrade to Apple’s esteemed professional-grade laptop line in years. After holding out on a redesign and a major update for the year, the Cupertino-based tech giant opted to roll out a number of radical changes to its most iconic laptop last October. Despite the 2016 MacBook Pro’s innovative new features, however, the powerful device was met with mixed reviews from longtime Apple fans and critics alike.

Rumors about the 2017 MacBook Pro are very encouraging.
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One of the main reasons behind the 2016 MacBook Pro’s criticisms is the device’s raw specs. Powered by an aging Intel Skylake processor and capping off its RAM at 16GB, many felt that the device’s premium price point was largely unwarranted. Coupled with a hate-it-or-like-it keyboard and a lack of USB-A ports, the MacBook Pro 2016 appeared for the most part like an upgraded version of the controversial 12-inch MacBook, which was introduced a couple years ago. If rumors are true, however, 2017 could finally be the year when Apple’s MacBook Pro would once more be worthy of its moniker.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities and one of the most reputable sources for Apple leaks in the industry, has weighed in on the future of the MacBook Pro in a MacRumors report. According to the esteemed analyst, Apple’s power laptop would see a notable upgrade to its internals in 2017, coupled with a significant price cut for the 2016 models. Headlining the speculated MacBook Pro 2017 upgrades is the actual inclusion of a Kaby Lake chip and support for up to 32GB of RAM.

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A Kaby Lake chip makes perfect sense for Apple’s most powerful laptop since its aging processor could be considered as one of the 2016 MacBook Pro’s most notable weaknesses. By upgrading the flagship laptop to Intel’s powerful Kaby Lake processors, the 2017 MacBook Pro would finally have enough processing power to justify its fairly high price. After all, practically all of the MacBook Pro’s Windows-powered rivals have already embraced Kaby Lake chips since last year. Thus, with the adoption of Intel’s seventh-generation chips, Apple would effectively be catching up to the competition.

The 2017 MacBook Pro might utilize a special chip similar to the processor used in the 2016 MBP's Touch Bar.
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Among the most notable predictions from Kuo that has managed to get the full attention of fans is the 2017 MacBook Pro’s support for up to 32GB of RAM. When the current generation MBPs launched last October, power users who delve into video editing and heavy graphics processing were largely disappointed that Apple’s flagship laptop caps off at 16GB of memory. While 16GB of RAM is adequate for most tasks, it could prove inadequate when intensive, professional-grade applications are being run. With 32GB of RAM, however, processing becomes a completely different story, according to a MacWorld report.

Lastly, one of the most recent rumors about the 2017 MacBook Pro is the idea that the powerful laptop would be equipped with a special chip designed by Apple itself. This chip, internally codenamed as the T310 processor, is speculated to handle the MacBook Pro 2017’s low-power tasks, such as email updates while the laptop is in Sleep mode. This rumored chip is a variant of the custom processor powering the MacBook Pro 2016’s Touch Bar. By utilizing a highly-efficient chip for the upcoming flagship laptop’s low-power tasks, Apple would be able to create a laptop that is truly power-efficient.

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The 2017 MacBook Pro might very well be what the 2016 MacBook Pro was supposed to be. Apple’s MBP line for 2016, while revolutionary in their own right, just had far too many compromises to make it a justifiable purchase for numerous Apple fans and everyday consumers alike. Considering the rumors surrounding the 2017 MacBook Pro, however, it appears that Apple is finally catching up to the competition and making a laptop that is both powerful and worthy of its premium price.

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