Major Breakthrough in the World of Medicine


The year 2016 has been a major year when it comes to the medical science dimension. That is because of the fact that a lot of new inventions have been done in this year and thus it is a blessing to us all. Now we will talk about some of the major medical science breakthrough of the 2016 and that is the reason why you need to read this up!

Zika virus- Hardly anybody had any notion about this virus until WHO published about this a year ago and since then it has been a nightmare for many. This was the virus that caused children to be born with microcephaly and affected the victims in a number of other ways. But thanks to the researchers they were finally able to fight off the virus by the end of the year.

Three person baby- This is another astounding thing that happened this year. This means the baby that was born had the DNA strands from two women and one man- which are downright incredible. The baby had a little section of DNA which is about 0.1% of the total from the second woman so that they could prevent any mitochondrial disease and thus has a better immunity.

Curing cystic fibrosis- This was an incurable disease but not for long. Now a lot of people who are suffering from this disease can get their ultimate cure from a medication known as the Orkambi and this medication helps even when the disease is genetically inherited. This is what has made this invention in to an amazing thing. The drug is a life saver as well as a life transformer.

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Prostate laser treatment- This is a treatment that has been able to cure the early stages of prostate cancer and has been the one to be effective as well. It has the tenacity to remove the tumour in a prostate and the person does not have to go through any painful surgery procedure as well. It has been effective enough to preserve the prostate but kill all the cancer cells. So far no side effects have been detected as well.

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