#March4Trump Announces Joy Villa as Keynote Speaker for the Washington D.C. Event March 4, 2017

“Stop the fight. Let’s Unite.”

WASHINGTON, DC – 1 Mar, 2017 – March4Trump is pleased to announce, Singer Joy Villa, has accepted our invitation to be a keynote speaker at the March 4th event in Washington DC. She, along with the March4Trump Organization, are seeking to unite the Nation together in support of our newly elected President.

Joy Villa gained national attention by attending the Grammy’s in a Make America Great Again gown designed by, Andre Soriano. Ms. Villa was one of a select few among the Hollywood elite to come out publicly in support for President Donald J. Trump. “I support our country and our president, I’m proud to be an American woman supporting March4Trump,” said Villa in a statement.

Knowing this could hurt Ms. Villa and her record sales, she felt it was the right thing to do in light of all the negative publicity. This bold statement brought other celebrity’s out who were silent about their support, as well as, increased sales, and boosted Ms. Villa’s self-released 5 song E.P. I Make the Static to number 1 on both iTunes and Amazon’s Best Sellers Lists and hit number 12 on the Billboard charts.

We are excited to have Ms. Villa and other guests at our various events throughout the country. Some special guest includes; Actor Kristy Swanson and husband, Olympian Lloyd Eisler, and entertainer, Kaya Jones are attending the Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. Swanson is an American Actress in the film industry for more than 38 years. She is best known as Buffy in the cult classic film, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as well as, Flowers in the Attic, The Chase, Higher Learning, Big Daddy, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Eisler is a 6 Time National Champion, World Champion, 2 Time Olympic Bronze Medalist, and a Member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. Kaya Jones is an EDM Recording artist and DJ – Known formally from the word famous Pussycat Dolls.

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Wiccan Gold Star Wife, Roberta Stewart, will be speaking at the Rally in Phoenix, Arizona, along with a very diverse panel of guest speakers, to include; an African American woman who voted for Hillary, a Transexual, and a Gay Sheriff. Other guest speakers will be announced closer to the event or at the event itself. For safety purpose’s, some special guest who may make an appearance, will not be named in advance.

March4Trump, a grassroots pro-Trump organization, announces a nationwide march to show support for President Donald Trump and peacefully unite all people in honor of America. What first started out as a single march in Washington D.C. has now grown into a nationwide movement. Additional marches have been confirmed in cities such as; Berkley, CA, New York NY, Phoenix AZ, Jefferson City, MO, St Paul, MN, Raleigh, N.C, Las Vegas and Reno, NV, Austin, TX, and Virginia Beach, VA, to name a few.

March4Trump – How it all began: Vincent Haney, an Air Force Veteran and Founder of the March4Trump movement, felt it was time to do something positive for President Trump. Haney said, “The idea for the event came out of the blue. I was inspired to do something supportive to offset the wave of negativity and lies.” Haney was inspired after seeing multiple protests, such as; the Women’s March where protestors wore pink hats, shirts, and sported genitalia costumes, proclaiming “nasty woman” and other derogatory phrases. The commentary from the Hollywood elite by invited guest speakers; like Madonna’s comments on her thoughts of “blowing up the White House” and Ashley Judd’s “poetic” defamation of Donald Trump drives this organization to show a united front.

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During the inauguration and other protests including the Women’s march, there was violence in the streets, where buildings were smashed, cars set on fire, and Trump supporters assaulted. Haney wanted something that did not include wearing masks, throwing rocks, smashing windows, littering, starting fires, dressing in black or derogatory costumes.” See full article at The Donald Nation. When speaking about the aftermath of recent protests and marches in Washington D.C. Haney said his march plans to “leave D.C. in a better place than they found it.” See full article at Beltway Times & Follow up Article. http://beltwaytimes.com/

After Peter Boykin President of #GaysForTrump and Corinne Braun stepped in to organize, the March4Trump has now expanded to numerous marches throughout the nation with the same standards, message, and purpose: “Stop the fight. Let’s all unite.” Above all showing the world that Freedom of Speech & Protest can be done Peacefully as intended in the 1st Amendment. As well as to Protest the continued #FakeNews in MSM & its Relation to Social Media outlets such as #Facebook & #Twitter.

All events are free of charge and will offer a variety of keynote speakers ranging from local community organizations, the entertainment industry, politics, and the media. Special guest speakers will be announced per location closer to the event for security and safety reason.

We are unifying in honor of The United States of America and for all Americans; all people, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or political affiliation. We are gathering to support our President and our Country. We the people, as One Nation Under God, invite you to set aside differences and march with us.

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The Nationwide March is scheduled for the 4th of March, 2017 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST. The March4Trump main event will commence with a rally with speakers at the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. at noon and conclude one mile North at the White House when they meet up with a shared interest group called Spirit of America.

For further information, please visit us at march4trump.org, check our March4Trump groups on Facebook and Twitter or State Events for local information.


This is a peaceful assembly. Please do not impede traffic, litter, vandalize, or do anything else illegal and unbefitting. Act worthy of yourselves. Any violators will be asked to leave and turned over to authorities when appropriate. If your intentions are other than peaceful this event is not for you.

Event Organizers:

Peter Boykin (President of #GaysForTrump) (DC, National)
Twitter: @PeterBoykin | @March4Trump
Cell: 919-758-0597

Scott Presler (VA, National)
Twitter: @ScottPresler
Cell: 1-703-400-4163

Tori Alby – (March4Trump – Press Agent)
Twitter: @M4TPress
Cell: 775-315-9410

Funding: GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/march4trumpdc

VIP TICKETS Dinner With Joy Villa & Andre: https://trump.ticketbud.com/March4Trump

Video Link: https://youtu.be/zxNvcBNf2S8

Media Contact
Company Name: GaysForTrump.org (March4Trump)
Contact Person: Peter Boykin
Email: march4trumpdc@gmail.com
Phone: 919-758-0597
Country: United States
Website: March4TrumpDC@gmail.com

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