Marcio Garcia de Andrade Releases New Book “Get Funded!” On Kindle


(Nov. 7, 2016 Miami, FL)—Getting approved for loans and lines of credit is not easy especially if you have bad credit. Lenders immediately reject applicants with low credit scores while those who still accepts applications with low credit scores get very little funding with very high-interest rates. Marcio Garcia de Andrade, the owner, and founder of 99thFloor LLC, understands the problem most people encounter when applying for unsecured financing. He’s been in the financial services industry for more than a decade and knows well the secrets to getting the financing you need. To help others who need to get the funding they need, he published the book “Get Funded!: How to Get Approved for Unsecured Financing at the Lowest Possible Rates and with the Highest Possible Credit Limits” which is now available on Amazon Kindle.

In his book, Marcio Garcia de Andrade explains the problems that most applicants encounter when applying for unsecured financing. Most of the time, applicants have poor credit scores which are the reasons why their applications get denied. On the other hand, those with good credit scores apply to the wrong lenders and do not get as much funding as they want. Some even need to wait for months to receive the funding they need because they accumulate too many credit inquiries. The book explains how you can overcome obstacles when applying for unsecured financing and get funded as quickly as possible without having to pay high-interest rates.

Jason Stein, a resident of Gainesville, Florida, found the book very helpful. He was impressed on how the book helped change his perspective when it comes to credit. He later got the funding he needed for his restaurant. He said, “This book is amazing! It changed my life. Now, I can buy the materials I need to expand my business through the funds I received. Special thanks to its author, Marcio Garcia de Andrade.”

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Marcio Garcia de Andrade is the owner, architect, and founder of the 99thFloor LLC companies, including a suite of websites that help people obtain unsecured funding and improve credit, another suite of websites offering corporate business services, and several other B2B sites.

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