Marlo Hampton Responds To Kenya Moore Saying She’ll Never Hold A Peach By Making Fun Of Her Skin


"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kenya Moore

A preview for next week’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode shows the return of Marlo Hampton, who has frequently popped up on the show throughout the seasons as one of the housewives’ friends. In earlier seasons, she showed up as NeNe Leakes’ friend. After their fall out, Marlo later showed up as Kenya Moore’s friend. Apparently, that friendship didn’t last either.

The preview for next week’s episode shows Kenya and Marlo seemingly arguing with one another while at an event, with Marlo insulting Kenya by basically calling her a NeNe-follower.

“You are my friend,” Kenya tells Marlo, to which Marlo tells Kenya to stop with her “bulls**t” and calls her a “NeNe junior.”

After the preview aired, a viewer suggested that Marlo be made a full-time cast member since Kenya needs someone to come after her besides her now-ex Matt Jordan. Kenya responded by saying that Marlo will never hold a peach in the opening credits as a starring cast member. Kenya also implied that Marlo doesn’t even get paid for her appearances on the show by stating that she’ll also never get a paycheck.

When a viewer notified Marlo of Kenya’s tweet, Marlo responded by stating that she doesn’t worry about getting a check or peach. Marlo declared that there’s nothing and nowhere Kenya can buy nor go that she can’t. Marlo added that while Kenya’s fake, she’s authentic “with A1 skin.”

What happened between Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore? Another The Real Housewives of Atlanta preview clip shows Sheree Whitfield asking Marlo why she hasn’t seen her at some of Kenya’s events. Marlo reveals that Kenya didn’t invite her to her birthday party because she wanted NeNe Leakes there instead.

“Before I was just like, ‘Oh Kenya is so sweet. People don’t understand her. She’s the rebel like me. But now I don’t want to deal with you Kenya. I don’t trust you. I think you’re crazy, a fake, a phony, you’re miserable, you’re not happy’…When I got a text one day like what, about five days before her birthday, she’s like, ‘Hey diva. I want to make my birthday fabulous. What do you recommend?’ I said, ‘Kenya, whatever you do, I need flowers and candles there.’ Girl, I saw on Instagram and on the blogs, she had a birthday party, I didn’t get an invite. But then I looked on the picture and I’m like, ‘Oh okay, so maybe this is why I didn’t get an invite.’”

The Usual Suspects #TheOriginals @shereewhitfield and @neneleakes and #TheUnforgettables @cynthiabailey10 and @thekenyamoore #epic #birthdaydinner #WomenOver40WhoSlay #4Queens #RHOA

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When Sheree said NeNe’s name, Marlo claps her hands. Marlo accuses Kenya of dropping her in favor of NeNe. Marlo implies that Kenya went with NeNe, whom Marlo apparently believes wouldn’t have gone to Kenya’s party if she was there, in order to piggyback on her fame.

“I guess she just wants to go by status level of friends. It’s like, ‘Ooh NeNe’s talking to me so now I’m gonna be being her friend. I’m happy and I can’t be Marlo’s friend.’”

Marlo, who actually watched the season 8 premiere episode with Kenya, then reveals that Kenya didn’t invite her to her Moore Manor housewarming party either. Sheree then makes fun of how Kenya’s house was, saying that the plumbing didn’t even work. Marlo quips that perhaps she should send Kenya a plumber.

“Maybe I’ll send her a plumber…cause you’re full of s**t and your house is too.”

The preview clip included a flashback scene, from three years ago, of Marlo yelling at NeNe. Marlo accused NeNe of having a big problem with her being friends with Kenya. After Marlo yelled that NeNe doesn’t know the definition of being a friend and NeNe stomped off, Kenya consoled a crying Marlo.

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NeNe Leakes and Kenya, who feuded with one another throughout the previous The Real Housewives of Atlanta seasons, certainly seem to be very good friends now. They’re such good friends that NeNe revealed on Sunday night that she was taking Kenya as her date to The Golden Globes in the absence of her husband. A video clip that NeNe posted to her Instagram page shows her and Kenya drinking together during brunch prior to the big event.

No makeup YET but we are having wayyyy too many Bellini's for Brunch! So my hunni Gregg couldn't make it to Cali tonight and guess who steps in and takes his place as my date….none other than @thekenyamoore #Goldenglobes2017 my date #hollywoodlife

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during Kenya Moore’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live last week, Marlo Hampton tweeted in a request for Andy to ask Kenya about her fake butt. At the mention of Marlo’s name, Kenya pretended to not know her.

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