Maximise Your Productivity with the Best GTD Tool for Digital Marketing Agencies


Becoming more productive and being able to do more of the highest value work in the shortest amount of time is one of the highest priorities for digital marketing agencies globally.

Being able to focus on one task at a time and remove all forms of distraction is the number one way for all executives to get more done.

“Distraction is hitting us from all angles and none more so than email and social media. Our company recently started using the productivity tool called Toggl to focus on our highest value tasks and get more done,” commented Ashley Jessen, CEO & Co-Founder of Profile Booster.

toggl review

On the website, Toggl says they are a time tracking platform that will boost your productivity and make it easy for you to track your time on all of your projects. Not only can it cover all those items, but the software is seamless and intuitive for people of all levels to use.

Digital marketing managers and teams can collaborate and identify where their time is going each day. As the saying goes, you cannot improve what you don’t measure, and tracking your time is one of the best activities for staff to start. The great thing about Toggl is that it takes no time to implement into your daily schedule.

The Toggl review video is jam packed with ideas and strategies to help you become more productive and efficient as an individual and as a team. In the Toggle review, Jessen shows how to

  • Easily generate your monthly reports for digital marketing clients
  • Focus on 1 activity at a time
  • Eliminate the frustration that multitasking brings
  • Stop finishing the day dead tired but instead with energy
  • Know exactly how long your tasks take
  • Put a value on your time, so you know what you can outsource
  • Identify how much time you have spent on certain tasks.
  • Work out whether your time is worth complete certain tasks or if you should outsource those task.
  • Justify the time frame taken with your outsource workers.
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Jessen continued, “Toggl has been invaluable in helping our team efficiently run end of month reporting and understand exactly where our time is best spent. Also, Toggl has opened our eyes to how long certain mundane tasks take and how much time we waste on activities that are not bringing in a reward for the time allocated.”

One of the most inspiring books on productivity and Getting Things Done is by Cal Newport, titled, ‘Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World’. One of his key themes is that to produce at an elite level, you must be a master of both quality and speed and master the art of quickly learning complicated things.

Clearly, if you are being distracted with Facebook or other time-wasting activities, you are not going to be producing at an elite level.

If you and your marketing department need to step up to the next level in productivity, then check out Toggl and see how more efficient you and your team can be with your time.

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