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medicare advantage plans in ct  Annual enrollment period or what is known as AEP happens once a year for medicare beneficiaries. This is the time of year that seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans in Ct have the right to switch their plans. Residents of Connecticut enrolled in Medicare or any state for that matter can switch their plans from Oct 15th to Dec 7th. This means that if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan in Ct that you enrolled in for 2016 you can switch that plan for 2017. You can see more information here-

As far as switching plans, residents of Connecticut can switch from a medicare advantage plan to another medicare advantage plan. Seniors can also go back to original medicare and opt for a medicare supplement plan or they can switch from one Part D plan to another Part D plan. Part D plans cover prescription drugs and typically have 5 tiers with co-pays.  Many retirees do not realize that once this enrollment period is over you are typically locked into the medicare advantage plan that you selected here in Ct.  Now there are exceptions to the rule, some may qualify for a SEP or special election period. You will have to check with your individual agent or insurance company to see if you do qualify.

Lastly some residents of Connecticut may not be aware that some companies that provide Medicare Advantage Plans have increased their premiums and co-pays for 2017. Others will be surprised to learn that one or two companies have actually reduced their premiums and some co-pays. So it pays to shop around and get educated by experienced insurance agents about Medicare Advantage Plans in Ct. Check out some more sample premiums and co-pays below.

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