Meet the Official Photographer of The Lord of the Rings’…


Meet the Official Photographer of The Lord of the Rings’ Hobbiton

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“I just love creating images of things that people rarely get to see,” Shaun Jeffers (@shaun_jeffers) says — and he definitely follows through on his ambition. The New Zealand-based photographer moved from Liverpool, England, to the small island nation three years ago, inspired by his childhood love of “The Lord of the Rings.” What was supposed to be a year-long trip has become a permanent residency — there is just too much to explore and photograph.

Shaun is the official photographer of Hobbiton, the village built for “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” epic film series. Now it’s a tourist attraction, and Shaun’s photos of its hidden cottages with moss-covered roofs, set against the lush backdrop of the hills, bring in people from around the world. But his eye is trained on much more than just the little movie town. Shaun, a freelancer, travels to capture the massive New Zealand night sky — “the Milky Way is just so clear down here,” he says — and natural phenomena, from glowworms to the aurora australis. The real world is even more magical.

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