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Mosquito repellent sticks
Mosquito repellent sticks


The staff at Kick Mosquito have developed a new simple long-lasting “candle” that protects users from infectious and annoying mosquitoes by emitting a light and pleasing aroma.

July 27, 2016 – Mosquito bites plague humans with a variety of diseases and infections, the most notable of which is malaria, killing over five hundred thousand people a year. Though these deaths result from only a tiny percentage of bites, they present a major risk. As for non-lethal bites, they can become infected, irritated, itchy, or simply embarrassing. The solution is Kick Mosquito Repellent Sticks.

Repellent Sticks – The Best Option

It is well known that there are many options for mosquito prevention: bug spray, candles, and nets to name a few. Yet each has issues: bug spray is ineffective against most species, candles can be dangerous and even attract bugs with light, and nets are downright bulky and difficult to use. Kick Mosquito Repellent Sticks come with none of these disadvantages. By employing an internal flame and a safety holder they emit mosquito-repelling aromas and are superior to other sorts of candles. The sticks are much lower profile than a net and work better than bug spray as their user reviews reveal.

Environmental Safety

Another advantage the sticks have over other mosquito repellents lies in their chemical makeup. Most effective repellents use DEET, a chemical so toxic that the Environmental Protection Agency warns against leaving it on exposed skin. The staff at Kick Mosquito is dedicated to providing environmentally-safe protection so they chose a variety of lighter and natural, yet effective, materials. The sticks come in two scents, Myrrh and Citronella Lemongrass, each emitting a soft and pleasant aroma. In addition these sticks are 100% guaranteed and are warranted to burn for two to three hours, providing total protection. With Kick Mosquito Repellent Sticks, couples can enjoy a romantic picnic outdoors, groups can host a nice bonfire gathering, and everyone can feel safe from pesky and dangerous mosquito bites.

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