Most Innovative Tech for Athletes


While being a good athlete requires immense hard work and dedication, these technologies enhance, assist, and guide athletes to achieve their goals.

Halo Neuroscience materializes in a headset, but instead of playing music, it contains pads in the headband that sends electrical pulses to the athlete’s brain. These pluses helps stimulate the athlete’s brain, boost their learning curve, and enhance their retention of muscle memory. It has been tried and tested on professional skiers and claims to be applicable to any and all sports. Notably, Halo Neuroscience was a competitor at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield last month. 

The Linx IAS is a device that is capable of detecting the severity of an impact to the person it is connected to. While it can be utilized by anyone, one of its primary users are athletes who compete in heavy impact sports. This device weighs only as much as a nickel, provides a response from up to 300 feet away, and instantly syncs the response with the cloud accessible by and Android or iOS device. This device can greatly assist its users by determining their likelihood of a concussion.

The last device is specific to one sport: cycling. Connected Cycle is a GPS & GSM module that users install on the pedal of their bicycles. It provides the athlete with tracking information and alerts the owner of the bike if anyone touches or tampers with their bike. Additionally, Connect Cycle links to your Android or iOS smartphone and instantly provides you with feedback within the respective areas making the athlete’s cycling experience much more smooth.

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