Movies worth waiting for in the New Year


No matter how we term the year 2016 to be, it has been a lot diverse. Not only that, it has been able to provide us with all the different kinds of entertainment that it could- starting off from the gossips to the new Disney movies. But we are pretty hopeful about the fact that the New Year is also going to bring out a number of movies that are worth a watch and the Hollywood industry is bubbling with their news as well. So today we will be discussing about the upcoming movies of 2017 which are supposed to bring a major outburst in the industry.

Split- This is an amazing movie not only about split personality, but is about a guy (starred by James McAvoy) with 23 different personalities and that is what makes the film entirely different.

Bastards- releasing in February, it is a comic storyline about two lads played by Ed Helms and Owen Wilson who are on a journey to find out who their dad is- the comedy has been created in a dumb background but that is what brings out even more chances of laughter.

The return of the Xander cage- This is an action thriller film that many are looking forward to and it is even incorporating an Indian Beauty Deepika Padukone. It is being rendered that Xander Cage is going to change the dimension of Hollywood action movies.

Fifty shades darker- If erotica is what you are looking for, and if Fifty Shades of Grey is your benchmark, then you should definitely check out the Fifty Shades Darker trailer. Not only will it titillate your senses, it will also make you book the first show as well.

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Lego Batman- If spoof movies are your kind of thing, then you should definitely watch Lego Batman. This is a movie in which the dark sense has been eliminated and instead there prevails a sense of hilarity. Though the storyline is not out as yet, many are looking forward to this movie and there is an affirmation that this movie is definitely going to be entertaining.

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