Mr Mike Bennett Launches Multi Level Sudoku Book 2016 Vol. 1 On Amazon


Considering that Sudoku puzzle is the best exercise to increase the metabolism of the brain by exercising it, it has always remained to find the best resource to sharpen the skills to be the best at Sudoku solving.

In a bid to put an end to all such worries, Mr Mike Bennett launches Multi Level Sudoku Book 2016 Vol. 1 on Amazon at the most affordable rates.

This book, being available in paperback version, does not only cater to the need of enhancing cognitive skills, but also unravels the opportunity for one to have the ability to be aware of various level of difficulties.

Often recognized as the number one choice for the regular Sudoku game players, the book is enriched with more than 200 Sudoku puzzles marked with levels of difficulties like Beginner, Novice, Moderate and Advanced, each having 50 puzzles.

Being an excellent brain teaser, Sudoku puzzles offer challenges pertaining to the placement of numbers 1 to 9 in each of the 9 squares in such a manner that each column, row and 3X3 grid contains the series of numbers only once.

Offering repeated engrossment with the book, the author takes the bid to offer the best companion for those who love Sudoku.

This book published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform has already become the talk of the Sudoku players due to its superior offerings in the domain of Sudoku games.

With the aim of reaching more Sudoku players who are looking forward to avail the best guidance on Sudoku puzzles, this Sudoku book reveals the opportunity for one to get introduced to Sudoku that has been around since the 19th century.

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With each page containing 2 puzzles on each side, the book is handy as well as easy to use. Whether one is looking forward to activate his or her brain cells or cease boredom, this book is definitely the best place to get started.


About Multi Level Sudoku Book 2016 Vol. 1:

Multi Level Sudoku Book 2016 Vol. 1, launched by Mr Mike Bennett, is undoubtedly one of the best resources for those who are looking for the best guidance for Sudoku games.


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