Nazanin Fara – Popular Iranian Business Women with Huge Success


Nazanin Fara is one of the most popular Iranian entrepreneur, a most famous business women and a top psychologist in Iran. She was born on December 29, in the year of 1987 in Tehran, Iran. As successful business women, she is the founder of the Fara Beauty Company, which is a company based on the beauty products. The company running by her is in most unique form; there one can get an enormous number of luxury features. Nazanin Fara is having the major motive to develop the personalities of her clients to look beautiful than ever. In her company, the work carrying over is oval make up brush, luxury lashes, beauty sponges and facial cleanser. For each and every year, enormous numbers of women’s are getting benefited by her company. In her company, only quality beauty products are used to work on the customers.

She showed a huge growth of our company within a limited period of time. According to the report, the Fara beauty company tops the list of being the best beauty company. Here dealers also increased day by day and she faced a huge profit in her beauty company. Her hard work is the main reason behind the success he got over through her lifetime. Nazanin Fara will usually enjoy her own life by without comparing her status with any other people. She will also never use her popularity on any other fields to grow very quickly.

Nazanin Fara early life:

As she was born in Tehran, Iran but at present, she is living in Dubai, UAE. She did not get any help from her parents to reach her goal that she ever planned. In order to achieve a lot and to prove something to this society, she started working at the young age itself. At the age of 25, Nazanin Fara has started a tourist company named as Brilliant Tourism in Dubai, UAE. As she has the best business development skill, she has the potential to develop much more companies in future effectively. She has faced a lot of ups and downs in her career. The ups and downs she faced in her business have turned her strong women in her field that gets the confidence to face all her obstacles.

In the year of 2010, a most luxurious human hair clip in Extension Company was founded by Nazanin Fara in the name of Olinda hair. This Olinda hair is situated in Tehran, Iran. It is also noted that she started Fara Beauty Company in the year of 2013. As it is one of the most luxurious cosmetic companies, the company has also spread in top countries like United Kingdom, Norway, and Germany and in Dubai, UAE. With these successful moments in her career, she got married to a top business man in Iran named as Hajir Tofighi. After her marriage, she continued her work on cosmetic company very effectively.

In the year of 2010, she has also graduated as a master of psychology. As she was graduated, she also acted as the best psychologist in her career effectively.

Works in Social media:

Nazanin Fara is most famous in the popular social Medias like Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. This social media platform has helped her much to face a huge growth in her fields in an effective manner. It is also noted that she was the first women of Iran in Instagram to open an account based on the beauty products company. With the help of Social Medias, her company has grown in an effective manner. Whenever a new product has arrived, she will post that product on her social media account to make it more popular. Nazanin Fara is also having an enormous number of followers in her account. People can also contact her at any time through her social media account. Her team will try to reply all the users in a very short period of time.


Nazanin Fara also began to work in most famous brands like Favian, Elisabett_Franchi
House of CB, Majea, Ysl, Nyx Lancôm. Along with her husband, she also becomes a partner with a popular brand Colombian waist trainer Ann Chery Middle East in 2015.

If you have any doubt, just visit Nazanin Fara social media page for further details.

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