New to Instagram? Avoid these 5 Cardinal Sins and Build a Fabulous Profile


If you are new to Instagram, the one question that may be continuously popping into your head can be – what are the rules of the game? Should I have the same approach as Facebook and Twitter, or does this need a course correction? Well, for starters, Instagram is different from other social media platforms because of its heavy focus on visual content. So, if you are accustomed to sharing pithy aphorisms on Twitter, you may need to change gears here! You may have read a lot about what to do on Instagram, but it’s time you also read these 5 cardinal sins to avoid on Instagram.

  1. Don’t Show you are Desperate

While every Instagram user wants to have as many followers as possible, using words such as “Like for Like” and “You follow, I follow back” impacts your online reputation. There are sophisticated, professional ways in which you can buy Instagram views. It is advisable that you make a small investment into building your brand, rather than openly appealing to people.

  1. Don’t Strut your Stuff Too Often

People are interested in knowing what you are up to, but it is advisable that you don’t post more than four photos in a day. Also, you should aim to share your photos at regular intervals, so that you don’t clog the feed of your followers. This can change if you are have a special occasion, but again, you need to keep in mind there is a subtle balance between too-many and too-little; finding the right spot can help boost your profile and reduce the number of ‘unfollows’.

  1. Don’t Ruin the Taste
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If you post low-quality and crappy pictures, you will get an honest feedback. Remember, even Martha Stewart couldn’t get away with that! You should be especially careful while sharing photos of food, as you can ruin someone’s taste in a particular product. Also, Instagram is synonymous with pictures that evoke a range of emotions – if your photos are blurred or don’t exactly communicate anything, it’s better you resist your temptation to share.

  1. Don’t Use Filter Apps Blatantly

Ideally, Instagram is a level playing-field where people share beautiful photos with each other. However, it is also pertinent to mention that Instagram has become a lucrative platform for businesses and also for personal branding. Consequently, there is a high level of competition, which boils down to doing everything one can to make the photos look high-quality. This usually influences users to download third-party photo editors that can pass Instagram’s #nofilter check. However, this move can boomerang as one can easily make out which photos are taken on the fly, and which ones have gone through editing. If you are using photo editing apps, you should be open and transparent about it.

  1. Don’t Use a Plethora of Hashtags

If we think about this – hashtags were created to help like-minded people to connect with each other. However, today, hashtags have become a potent tool for conveying your message to as many people as one can. While it is perfectly fine to use hashtags, overdoing them not only becomes an eyesore, it garners the attention of people with whom you may not have a lot to talk about. Effective use of hashtags can go a long way in building the right user base for your personal or professional brand.

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