New Secrets of Antimatter Unlocked with Laser


Laser technology has done a lot for the humans in the past few years starting from the basic needs to the photography of the photosynthesis in the most accurate manner. But the New Year has brought about new changes in the dimension of the laser technology and now it brings about a lot more. It is now being said that the laser can be used in order to bring about new information about the antimatter and can unfold a lot of its mysteries as well. The Big Bang produced a lot of antimatter and mater and both in the balanced amounts as well; the theories that have been given so far cannot explain why it was done.

This antimatter is very difficult to be held strong and that is the reason why the researchers in the Cernā€™s Alpha experiment is being done to see whether the matter and the antimatter follow the laws of physics like any other object or are different in any manner. The researchers have also created a way of holding the antimatter in order to look at the properties of the same as because the antimatter is very unstable at times. The team has conducted an experiment so far in which the antihydrogen has behaved in the same manner like the ordinary hydrogen when compared and is perfectly in parallel line to the Standard Model. The researchers are looking for a way to get into more in the subject of the antimatter and they hope to unlock the secret of the antimatter soon. The main thing that is of concern regarding the antimatter is the measurement of the precision. This is because the more precise it is, the more is it likely to have better results. As for now, the precision is marked as few parts in 10 billion which is not a matter of joke. It is being said that even if there is a very slight difference in the properties of hydrogen and antihydrogen, then it is likely to break the fundamentals of entire physics and will create a new principle of their own.

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