No More ‘Harry Potter’ Film Despite Rumored 2026 Release – Daniel Radcliffe And Evanna Lynch Not Eager To Reprise Roles


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Reports have previously emerged that execs are planning to turn Harry Potter and the Cursed Child into a full-blown film in 2026 when Daniel Radcliffe’s already 37, but J.K. Rowling just refuted the rumors. It was stated that apart from Daniel, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint would reprise their roles as well.

“I know a lot of people are looking for reasons to be cheerful today, but there is NO TRUTH to the rumor about a #CursedChild movie trilogy!” J.K. tweeted on Jan. 20.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play venue
A general view of The Palace Theatre, following the first preview of the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play last night, on June 8, 2016 in London, England. The new Harry Potter play follows on from the British author J.K. Rowling’s acclaimed series of books about a boy wizard. [Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]

Not everyone was displeased because many believe that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is only meant for the stage. Entertainment journalist Jim Hill fuelled the reports when he told the Unofficial Universal Orlandopodcast via Digital Spy that the British celebrities would come back as Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

As per Jim, Warner Bros. already had conversations with the trio because the studio’s gunning for a “Harry Potter: The Force Awakens” type of film.

“They want this trilogy of movies to have the actors that we know and love from the original films that we watched grow up, as adults. And, of course, they’re hiring a bunch of new, younger actors to play their children with the hope that, if we can lean on JK, maybe there’ll be The Cursed Adolescent.”

Furthermore, the studio is allegedly targeting a 2026 release because that’s the time Daniel will be 37 – the same age as Harry in the Cursed Child play. The film’s alleged release date will fit the studio’s timeline because the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film franchise is set to end in 2024.

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All these “plans” just went down the drain with J.K.’s announcement. Last year, Daniel also admitted that he’s not eager to reunite with his wand.

“At the moment it’s not even a concern because I’m too young to play the character, but even in 10 years’ time I would still feel strange about going back to it.”

Although he said that he’s not “closing his doors,” Daniel emphasized that he’s at a stage where he’s not “comfortable” to be The Boy Who Lived again.

Daniel mostly focuses on doing independent films. He thanks Harry Potter because the financial security that came with it gave him the opportunity to accept projects that he really liked.

Emma and Ron remain hush but recently, Evanna Lynch, who gave life to the whimsical Luna Lovegood, announced on Instagram that she’d take a break from attending Harry Potter events in a bid to expand her craft. The Irish actress believes that nabbing the role of Luna made her fearful of trying out for other roles.

“Sometimes life gives you an easy route that dulls your appetite for chasing your dreams and you become inhibited by fear of what lays beyond comfort and safety. That for me has been living off the world I inhabited a decade ago. It’s a blessing to have a safety net and while it’s possible to maintain safety and chaos together I believe I need insecurity to light a fire under my scared little artist’s a**.”

Evanna first got acquainted with the franchise at the age of 14 when her character was introduced in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. When the film wrapped up in 2011, she spent much of her time working on small television roles and voicing Luna in several video games. She also got the chance to work as an ambassador for J.K.’s charity, Lumos.

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Meanwhile, fans are left mystified with the surfacing of “Follow the Spiders” posts over the weekend. The posts are mostly shared by Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. Details won’t be revealed until Jan. 27, the day of the Celebration of Harry Potter convention.

???????????????? #followthespiders #london

A photo posted by Emily Barrell (@emilys_world_x) on Jan 22, 2017 at 8:21am PST

Potterheads know by heart that “follow the spiders” is a clue given by Hagrid to Harry, Ron, and Hermione in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets back when they were searching for the monster lurking underneath the tunnels of Hogwarts.

Since Chamber of Secrets will turn 15 this year, some are wondering if the Studio Tour will soon open an Aragog-inspired area. There are speculations as well that J.K. will release new pieces on Pottermore for the event.

Arachnophobe Harry Potter fans must then brace themselves.

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