Oculus Touch Garnering Rave Reviews from Tech Experts


The launch of Oculus Touch was scheduled long back, but it was interrupted by the shortage of a questionable and mysterious component which resulted in the orders to be pushed back by few weeks to a month. The early providers were clearly discontented and following the same track even the recent organization is facing an embankment with the release of the product.

Oculus Touch is a new addition to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It is based on a hand-held controller platform priced at around $200 and it released on Dec 6.  Although the effect of the setback faced during the launch of the Oculus Rift on the 28th of March is un-seemingly present, but as of now the release of the new device is looking forward to a healthy result.

Several of the Touch customers have already taken to Reddit and have attached screenshots of order confirmation emails and status summary of their respective orders. Whereas many others are posting screen prints of the order trackers from Amazon, which in the process is creating delusions within the community of if the retailers would end up with shipping its product beforehand than the manufacturers themselves. Also not to forget that many of the users did become annoyed with the original Rift shipping delay when pre-order customers were left with no headset while the third party sellers were receiving adequate stock.

And to add more to that, the shipping of the newly announced Touch orders are shy until Christmas week from Oculus. So if anyone is planning to get their hand s on a pair, they should have this in mind. A total number of 50 titles have been decided by Oculus for the launch day of the controllers which is anticipated to include several of the pre released titles with an Oculus upgraded, which of course is funded by Oculus them self. Also to mention titles such as MEDIUM, VR SPORTS CHALLENGE & THE UNSPOKEN will be coming to the new controllers which also happen to be the three marquee titles.

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