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We are pleased to announce the opening of our new website – Hot Sports Facts.

As someone who has loved sports all of my life, I can never get enough sports facts. You might be just like me.

Living in America, we focus on the main 4 professional sports that take place in the United States – football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

Our site will focus on many different sports’ areas.  Naturally we will cover statistics, records and basic information.  Yet, our goal is to research and locate the most interesting information for you, our readers.

You can locate us at:  www.HotSportsFacts.com

When possible, we have added images to the sports fact so you can better relate with the fact, instead of just reading it.  Images help to get a better picture of what is being reviewed.

While we grew up in New England, we showcase all teams and as many players as we can.  We don’t just focus on our favorite teams.  We are fans of all the major sports and we research these interesting sports facts so you don’t need to.

With some of the sports facts we bring, you’ll already know – especially with your favorite teams.  Yet, with other teams and their players, you will learn a good deal.

Stay connected with us and visit our site on a regular basis to stay updated with all the sports facts we bring you.  Join us on  Social Media.

Let us fulfill our mission to deliver the best sports facts to our readers.

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